I must say that there was not a single Omega watch in my collection which I have held onto for long. Most came and go and the only one that remained in my collection is an Omega Constellation Two Tone (no pic of it). I have had the following Omegas come and go throughout my time collecting watches. The pics of which are as below;

The Dark Side of the Moon and the Omega Speedy Broad Arrow

The Omega Speedy Legend LE

The Omega Planet Ocean GMT Goodplanet

And an Omega Planet Ocean 8500 45.5mm (no pic unfortunately)

All the above have been excellent but somehow due to my flipping tendencies, I tend to flip them to trade up. In any event, my collection was devoid of an Omega for a while ( the Constellation was loaned to my mom as her daily wearer ). I always loved the Moonwatch and considered it to be THE Omega to own. However I find the normal one a bit plain when I saw it at the authorised dealer and I have had no luck acquiring the Snoopy-s and missed out on the Speedy Tuesday. Visited my regular grey market dealer recently and he had one at a very good price hence another Omega is added to my collection. Pics of the wrist shot as below;

Must admit that I regret waiting this long to own a Moonwatch. The clarity of the dial is excellent. The crown wasn't too difficult to wind ( a peeve that I had with the Broad Arrow when I had to set and wind up the watch ). Size was just right for me as well ( a peeve that I had with the DSOTM at 45.5mm which made the dial looked empty ). In short I can see why everyone always recommend one. I think this one will be a keeper.