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Thread: Hello Friday!

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    Picture Hello Friday!

    Good morning Nigel!
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    "Man fears time; time fears the Pyramids"

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    Re: Hello Friday!


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    Re: Hello Friday!

    Morning JW / Nigel

    2254+ on the wrist today

    HAGWE everyone :)

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    Re: Hello Friday!

    TGIF guys

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    Re: Hello Friday!


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    Re: Hello Friday!

    Good morning JW, Clarky and all! Friday again already. It only seems like yesterday it was Friday despite all that has gone on inbetween. Much more travelling around for me at the moment so my Tube map is my friend.



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    Re: Hello Friday!

    Morning everyone,

    Vintage Poljot for me today,

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    Just fell in love with this one (can't think why?)

    " I can't wear this uniform, without some compromises "
    Chesney Hawkes

    "I larf, I Larf, I wee I pants, I make I leg go rusty."
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    Re: Hello Friday!

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    Re: Hello Friday!

    Yes, time is certainly flying, Nigel. I hope you and yours are well.

    Still had the Seamaster Chronometer on my wrist last weekend. I watched "Hemingway & Gellhorn" (Dir: Philip Kaufman, 2012) starring Clive Owen and Nicole Kidman.

    picture courtesy of www.postertext.com

    It's always tricky when an actor has to play a character with such a (self-created and bestowed from without) mythology built around them. But I have a soft spot for Mr Owen. Check him out in "Children of Men" (Dir: Alfonso Cuaron, 2006). Brilliant film. Restored my faith in movies at a time when I had seen a lot of average fare at the cinemas.
    "Hemingway & Gellhorn" was okay. I'd rate it a six or seven out of ten, but it was beautifully shot and edited, with a clever mix of archival footage blended in. And say what you like about Miss Kidman. Yes, she's appeared in nearly every film made in the last fifteen years, but she does great work in the role of Martha Gellhorn, giving her a smokey voice and a controlled sensuality.

    About halfway through the film, watching everybody knocking back booze like it was water, I felt like a drink. So, in keeping with the Hemingway vibe, out came a bottle of Scotch;

    Monday night, I switched over to the Seamaster 300 (WatchCo), and spent the next three days tackling some Library databases homework;

    It was Sean Connery's birthday last weekend (25th), so in honour of his Submariner on leather as worn in "Dr. No", I put the watch on a ZRC black leather with croco pattern strap.

    picture courtesy of Dr No (1962) www.mitteleuropa.x10.mx *

    Have a great weekend, all!

    *mitteleuropa is a wonderful website about film locations with some fantastic photos.

    Sent from the typing pool of the Double-O Section.

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    Re: Hello Friday!

    Just back from its Canadian Spa trip this one will be on my wrist for some time to come.

    With Langley so close I figure I should get all my authorized spaceman gear ready incase I get that call this weekend to check out Orion....

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