Just arrived (not really): Ploprof Ti
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Thread: Just arrived (not really): Ploprof Ti

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    Just arrived (not really): Ploprof Ti

    Hey gang!

    Some of you might remember me as this guy: (full thread here: After 3 months of constant nagging my wife finally caved and got me a Ploprof for my Birthday!!!)

    Well, it took another year and a half but I finally got my very own Ploprof ("Plopi" from this point onward). It cost me more than I thought I was willing to pay, but in the end eff it, what's money for if not to spend it on the things you like? (please, it's a rhetorical question, :p)

    I've had Plopi now for a week and a half and I'm super happy with it. (incoming thread here: Incoming: GRAIL) My wife can't quite fully understand why, when I receive a package with something I really desired, I'm not super excited the second I get it. I try to explain that when I receive it, I don't yet know what I've received. I need time to discover it, analyze it and see if it matches my expectations. Only after all scrutiny has been applied, do I feel like I'm free to exhale and fully enjoy it. I think I'm at this point now and I find I'm loving Plopi more and more each day. There is even something I would normally call a "cosmetic flaw" (the sort of thing that if a certain type of light hits the dial from a certain angle and you focus real hard, you might see it) that I'm perfectly fine with.

    I might do a review of it in a few months, but for now I would just like to share with you some beauty shots I took of Plopi (spent a good part of the weekend two weeks ago taking these photos and I've only gotten the chance to go through them now). I hope you like them.

    Following photos are very high resolution.
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    Re: Just arrived (not really): Ploprof Ti

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    Re: Just arrived (not really): Ploprof Ti

    Congrats man!! Definitely remember you!

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    Just arrived (not really): Ploprof Ti

    The Ploprof is one of those watches you either love or hate. I'm definitely for the former. I do like the mesh bracelet but hope that you also get that ridged rubber strap for it, which is fantastic - or am I right in thinking it is included in the package?

    Edit - great pics by the way

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    Re: Just arrived (not really): Ploprof Ti

    Now that's just freaking awesome. What flavor was it?
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    Re: Just arrived (not really): Ploprof Ti

    The watch is awesome, the wife a true keeper, but that cake is the coolest thing I've ever seen!

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    Thumbs Up Re: Just arrived (not really): Ploprof Ti

    Quote Originally Posted by Aliosa_007
    ... Some of you might remember me as this guy:
    Echt wel, herinner de taart, de draad en de dude maar al te goed

    Nog eens, gefeliciteerd en kom maar op met die foto's

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    Re: Just arrived (not really): Ploprof Ti

    Lovely Cake and even lovelier Watch!

    Congratulations and wear it in good health!
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    Re: Just arrived (not really): Ploprof Ti

    More pictures! More pictures!

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    Re: Just arrived (not really): Ploprof Ti

    Glad you are bonding with your fantastic Omega. Both the watch and wife are worth treating well and keeping close.


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