Omega Seamaster 2264.50 second hand does not line up.

Thread: Omega Seamaster 2264.50 second hand does not line up.

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    Omega Seamaster 2264.50 second hand does not line up.

    Back in September I bought a new Omega Seamaster 2264.50 quartz watch. From day one, the second hand has not lined up with the numbers, it is about one third off. I contacted Omega and they said to send it in under warranty but I remember people on this forum complaining about the same thing. Is it worth my time to send this in?
    Any help will be appreciated.

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    Re: Omega Seamaster 2264.50 second hand does not line up.

    My first foray into the Omega world was a Black Bond quartz that had the same problem. It bugged me to the point that I sent it back for a replacement. When I received the new one, the second hand lined up but by now I had this sort of heightened sense of attention to detail. I was constantly checking my watch to see if the second hand was hitting the indices. I finally came to the conclusion that I was going to be happier with an automatic and lucked into one of the last remaining new 2254.5's. After all, if I'm paying over $1k for a battery powered watch, the thing better be near perfect.

    Based on some of the research I've done, this is a common problem for a variety of reasons. Light gets distorted through the crystal making it appear that the hand is not hitting the markers combined with some "play" within the movement that allows it to be more shock resistant. I've also heard that it can vary with remaining battery power, not lining up with a fresh battery, then lining up after "settling-in", then going out of allignment again near the end. I've also heard of other users having the hands line up perfectly only to go out of allignment after a battery change.

    In the end, it's up to you. If you send it in, you'll wait a few weeks and the second hand may not align. They may also fix it only to go out of allignment later. You can always just live with it since a missalignment wont affect the accurancy of a quartz watch. My advice would be, if it bugs you now, you will always be on the lookout for it so trade it in for an automatic instead or just learn to love it as it is.

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    Re: Omega Seamaster 2264.50 second hand does not line up.

    I had a similar issue with my 2264.50 (now sold). It trully bugged me and the fellas at Omega said that they would try to fix the problem. Its a matter of luck I guess. If it bothers you, I must say that you won't find a quartz watch whose seconds hand hits all 60 indices on the spot... A quick search on the Omega forum will give you the same results.

    As for what our money deserve, its not only a quartz that car ruin your day but also an automatic can do that. I briefly had a Tag Aquaracer 500M and its minute hand never hit the indices when it was say 12, 10, 3 or whatever. It always missed the "12" spot... (I also sold that one 50% for that reason only...)
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