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Thread: The Perfect 3 Watch Rotation

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    Re: The Perfect 3 Watch Rotation

    Quote Originally Posted by WISDean View Post
    To the OP, 3 watches are not enough. Everyone needs the following 5:

    1. A good beater diver (mine is a Breitling SOH 46 mm, a nice Seamaster 300 would be perfect otherwise)
    2. A protected diver or pilot watch for semi-formal wear (I have a Cartier Calibre Diver, other awesome choices are Blancpain 50 fathoms, PO or a Rolex Submariner)
    3. A real dress watch, preferably on a leather strap (JLC Master control, Cartier Ballon Bleu, PP Calatrava, Railmaster or DeVille)
    4. A tonneau or rectangular watch (Monaco, JLC Reverso, Cartier Roadster)
    5. One Speedmaster Professional
    6. Optional: Skeletonized dress watch
    Truth be told this is a pretty solid list in my book. I'd take out #6 because I don't like skeletonized anything, but the rest is spot on in my book. I have #2 (14060M Sub) and #5 (3572.50). About to get #1 (2531.80 SMP) and #3 (Nomos Orion or Ludwig). And down the road I'll add #4 (JLC Reverso) and that's all I want as far as "nice" watches go. Everything else can be icing on the cake in the form of fun affordables.
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    Re: The Perfect 3 Watch Rotation

    Well, I just bought my first Speedy - found a 3753.50 at a good price in my local AD so that's got to make it onto my list (as my dressiest watch, even though it is definitely a tool watch!)


    Chrono: Speedmaster Professional - any of the Professional variants
    Diver: Rolex Submariner - I prefer the 'No date' version
    GMT: Rolex Pepsi 16710 (or other varients) - absolutely on my hit-list

    Honourable mentions for the Tudor Black Bay Blue and Paneria 512 (possibly on my hit list)

    Right now my top three would obviously be;

    Chrono: Speedmaster Professional
    Diver: Rolex Submariner
    2nd Diver (?!?): Tudor Black Bay Blue - only mitigation is I wear this on leather and the other two on steel bracelets...

    Cheers all! ;)


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    Re: The Perfect 3 Watch Rotation

    Rolex Submariner Date (everyday status symbol on SS oyster bracelet)

    Omega Speedmaster Pro (casual Friday watch on Hodinkee leather strap)

    Rolex Datejust Turn-O-Graph (special dress occasions on jubilee bracelet)

    I've got a lot of watches, but to me this is the proper rotation. One everyday stainless steel sport watch, one dinner party dress watch, and one leather strap casual watch.

    In the context where the Submariner gets 75% of the wrist time in a given week, the Speedy compliments the Submariner, very congruent look but enough physical differences and moon history to make it interesting, the Speedy looks fantastic on a leather strap with jeans and tan loafers. The Turn-O-Graph is the opposite of the Submariner. White dial vs black. Jubilee bracelet vs oyster. Tastefully blingy vs tool. Rolex TOG has a really good balance of Sport in the form factor of a Dress watch, it's quite cool.

    Speedmaster is the most flexible watch I own, looks dressy on a black croc strap, looks sporty on its steel bracelet, and looks retro vintage on a leather strap.
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    Re: The Perfect 3 Watch Rotation

    Currently I would probably go with these three;

    The also-rans ;

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    Re: The Perfect 3 Watch Rotation

    Here are my top 3 rotation watches. They get far and away the most wrist time:
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    Re: The Perfect 3 Watch Rotation

    My 5 watches:

    Chrono / Dress / Diver / Diver / Quartz

    Going to bring it down to 3:

    Don't need a chrono, don't need a quartz.

    Explorer stays for versatility, PO for sportyness, Aquaracer for holidays.
    For me, the perfect rotation
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    Re: The Perfect 3 Watch Rotation

    Diver-Omega SMP 2531.80
    Dress-Grand Seiko SBGR 061
    Sport/casual-Rolex Explorer I -214270

    Alternate list-

    Diver- Submariner No Date 104060M
    Dress- Jaeger Grande Reverso Duo
    Sport/Casual- Omega Speedmaster Pro Hesalite Sandwich

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    Re: The Perfect 3 Watch Rotation

    Quote Originally Posted by TobyJC View Post
    well if we're talking land, sea, and air, I would probably go: Tag Heuer Carrera, Planet Ocean, Breitling Sky Racer

    Actually for Sea I might choose the IWC Portuguese Yacht Club, making all 3 chronographs. but that would mean bumping the PO :(
    I love this idea.

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    Re: The Perfect 3 Watch Rotation

    114060 for sport, 39.2 Omega Railmaster on strap or bracelet and Grand Seiko sbga 39mm white dial on black leather for dress.

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    Re: The Perfect 3 Watch Rotation

    How do you multiple watch guys handle the rotation? New watch every day? One daily wearer and the rest for specific occasions like the beach, the ocean, the gym, etc?

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