Planet Ocean Questions
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    Planet Ocean Questions

    So, I recently decided to get my second watch. Was initially looking at a Rolex Datejust or Sub, but stopped in at the Tourbillon boutique a block away before looking at anything else and was really impressed by the PO. After subsequently trying on a few other watches, I am very close to pulling the trigger on the PO.

    I have a couple of questions:

    1) How is it wearing the 43.5 mm model under a dress shirt cuff? I don't anticipate wearing it with a suit, but I would most likely wear it to work in a business casual setting.

    2) Have there been any problems with the 8800 or 8900 movements? How are they in terms of accuracy? Is one considered better than the other, or is the difference just in power reserve and diameter/thickness?

    I will most likely stop by an Omega boutique after work next week to try things on one more time and, barring a major change in plans, buy next week.

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    Re: Planet Ocean Questions

    1) The problem isn't really the 43.5mm size but the crazy thickness. It's annoying under a dress shirt cuff, if not impossible depending on how you button up. If this was your only deciding factor, then you're better off with a DJ or a Sub

    2) Not that I've seen, but there was one dude who had his movement magnetized. Pretty funny because it is anti-magnetic to >15,000 gauss but that was just a unique incident. Accuracy is good; no worse than COSC/METAS standards. 8900 is considered better because it has the jump hour hands and double mainspring barrels. Better power reserve.

    My opinion: I would still go for your initial instinct of a DJ or a Sub, but a PO would do fine as a second watch (assuming your first watch is something versatile)
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    Re: Planet Ocean Questions

    1) Well you'll have to try it on in regards to thickness but i don't find it an issue for comfort. I like the look too.

    2) I don't think there are any specific issues relating to the movement. Too early to tell but with the evolution in these movements i think you'll be ok.

    Edit: I own the 8500 not the 8900 but my thoughts still apply.
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    Re: Planet Ocean Questions

    I had the exact same problem a few months ago. I ended up getting the 8900 PO. It's extremely accurate at 0.6 seconds per day. As for fit, I've worn it with shirts without issues. My shirts are off the rack, so imagine they have looser sleeves compared to custom shirt. I felt the proportions of the 8800 to be off, even though the diameter/thickness ratio proved otherwise.

    I find myself looking at the watch on a regular basis and just loving it. However, I see people wearing the sub and sometimes question my decision since that is a beautiful watch as well. I know one things for sure, the sub will be a watch that I will get at one point in my life.

    At the end of the day choose something that reflects your lifestyle and personality. Are you more of a modern adventurous type that likes to make bold statements and take risks? Or are you more of a classic guy who takes more calculated risks that believes in the motto 'if it ain't broke don't fix it'.

    Enjoy the process and good luck with your decision.
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    Re: Planet Ocean Questions

    If the shirt cuff is a concern but you like the design you could look into a Planet Ocean 2500, which is slightly thinner. I was pretty sure I wanted a current-gen PO until I tried it on and found it far too thick.

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    I don't know what your first watch is, but it's hard to go wrong with a DateJust or Sub. As between the new 8900 or the 114060 Sub, is part with my 8900 first. It's a great watch, and I love the blue ceramic dial, as well as the strap and deployant options Omega has for it. Of course, in maybe four years, tops, Omega will replace it.

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    Re: Planet Ocean Questions

    I couldn't wear my PO with most of my dress shirts, so resevered it for more casual or short sleeve shirts.

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    Re: Planet Ocean Questions

    I have the 45mm PO 8500. I think it is similar in height to the 43mm 8900. I love the aesthetics of this watch. Bold and masculine. Quite a bit more interesting than the Sub in my opinion.

    It is however a tall watch. If I could change anything about it I would probably make it 1-2mm thinner (and lume up the arabics). Luckily, my lifestyle and job environment are very casual so I'm not often reminded of the height of the watch.

    I would suggest showing up at the AD next week in the "worst case scenario" attire and see how the watch feels. If they are not willing to size the bracelet for you before you buy, then try one with the rubber strap (or leather, if there is such a thing).

    Random pic...

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    Re: Planet Ocean Questions

    I have the 8500 and it thick. Real thick. Mine is for weekends, short sleeves, etc.

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    Re: Planet Ocean Questions

    Quote Originally Posted by Seaswirl View Post
    I have the 8500 and it thick. Real thick. Mine is for weekends, short sleeves, etc.
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    I tried on the 8900 PO on my very small 8.3 inch wrist See pic. Once the bracelet is sized, to my surprise it sets much lower than I expected from all the online comments. Also it slips nicely underneath a shirt cuff. IMO any thickness concerns are wildly overblown.
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