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Thread: The reason why I won't buy a Speedmaster...

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    Re: The reason why I won't buy a Speedmaster...

    This internet thing is a total hoax. How can so much information transfer through a tiny fiberglass cable?
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    Re: The reason why I won't buy a Speedmaster...

    whats a speedmaster?

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    Re: The reason why I won't buy a Speedmaster...

    The Moonwatch is as fake as the moon landing. I mean how could a watch designed in the 1960's look so much better than 99.9% of the watches being sold today?
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    Re: The reason why I won't buy a Speedmaster...

    The Apollo 11 astronauts left a laser reflector array on the surface when they left. Its purpose was to allow precision measurement of the earth to moon distance. A laser beamed from earth would be reflected by the array, and the round trip time to the detector on earth was measured. Using the velocity of light and the trip time the distance was calculated.

    The array is still there.

    It’s still used.

    Interestingly, the distance is increasing at roughly 3.8 cm/year. More detail at:

    The effort and dedication of the NASA team achieved one of the greatest milestones of the 20th century. I suppose there will always be those that doubt what man can achieve —- the pyramids must have been built by aliens, right?
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    Re: The reason why I won't buy a Speedmaster...

    Well, luckily for you that according to the current models of the multiverse, there is a universe out there that is exactly like ours, except the moon landing was indeed faked. Also, there is another universe exactly like ours except the Speedmaster was never made. That’s science, it makes my head hurt, but it’s a real working theory.

    However, with that said, neither of those are the universe in which we live.

    When you pump 7% of the US budget into ANY project, you can pull off just about anything. Including going to the moon.

    I don’t understand the conspiracy theories because the science isn’t really that tough. You don’t need some digital super computer to do the math, getting there is actually not hard, just expensive. I work in aviation and some of my colleges are PHD level mathematicians who have kindly indulged my silly questions about calculating trajectories in space for years. They worked out the basics for me on the back of an envelope to demonstrate the concept.

    I just don’t see how you could not believe even looking beyond the insurmountable evidence to the fact that the technology wasn’t a stretch at all in 1969. Granted it wasn’t easy, but nothing that complex would be, but it wasn’t like they teleported there.
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    Re: The reason why I won't buy a Speedmaster...


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    Re: The reason why I won't buy a Speedmaster...

    You guys are being conned!!! Don’t even bother with this nonsense.
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    Re: The reason why I won't buy a Speedmaster...

    While we may think this is funny and we laugh at the lunacy it's important to realize these people also vote. Just look who's in the White House.
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    I have my doubts regarding the original Moon landings, too, but that didn't stop me from finally purchasing a Moonwatch.
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    Re: The reason why I won't buy a Speedmaster...

    They didn't land on the Moon because it doesn't exist, it's a hologram.
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