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Thread: Wanting to buy first Omega (Speedy Pro)

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    Re: Wanting to buy first Omega (Speedy Pro)

    Here is one I am looking at. 1979 Speedy all original with original band. What do y'all think?Name:  1.jpg
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    Re: Wanting to buy first Omega (Speedy Pro)

    Looks rad. Went to check out one in person and dam I want it even more now.

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    Re: Wanting to buy first Omega (Speedy Pro)

    Well I ended up purchasing the 1979 Speedy I posted above. It is completely original with the original band. The seller was great to work with and it was a very smooth transaction considering I am in Afghanistan at the moment. I can not wait to see it in person and am pumped to own my very first Omega. Now I just need to figure out when I want to get it serviced. I do have a question for you experts out there. I know its not one of the super vintage speedys, but considering it is a 37 year old watch I would like to keep it all original. My question is. When I have it serviced I should just have to movement serviced correct?

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    That's great, congratulations on your first Omega! The speedy is a great watch, though I may be biased as I've just got one of my own :) The particular specimen now in your possession looks pretty great too, very nice vintage vibe with that bracelet.

    Do you have any idea regarding the service history? Assuming it is unknown, it's generally best to get it serviced once you receive it to make sure nothing goes awry and that it serves you well for a long time to come. That said, some people believe that if it ain't broke, don't fix it. Though fixing it once it's broken will cost much know than a maintenance service.

    As for the remainder, yeah, the general sentiment is to keep the watch as original as possible and servicing only the movement. A standard Omega service will usually replace the crystal, hands, dial, as well as polishing and refinishing the case and bracelet.

    If you don't want all that, make sure to specify what you want and don't want replaced and have it in writing to avoid any kerfuffles in the future.

    Congratulations once again, and be sure to post up wrist shots once you have it!

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