Where can I buy Omega Speedy Pro?

Thread: Where can I buy Omega Speedy Pro?

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    Where can I buy Omega Speedy Pro?

    Hello All,

    This is my first time buying a watch for myself. After having a hard time deciding PO vs Speedy, I have decided to go with Speedy.

    Now the problem is I need to find a place where I could get speedy pro for most reasonable price.


    I have found this website which was selling speedy pro for 2600. Would getting one from here be safe? (Authentic?)

    Would there be other places where I could get one cheaper?

    And, lastly, do you recommend I try wearing it before buying it? My wrist is 17cm and I reckoned that 42mm would fit me fine.

    Thank you.

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    Re: Where can I buy Omega Speedy Pro?

    Great choise

    I would definitely go to an AD and try bouth the watches on!

    I have a slightly larger wrist than you but 42mm will be fine on you.

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