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    Re: Chino Watch Company?

    Quote Originally Posted by jupiter6 View Post
    I have been to his shop. No, they don't speak English. Of course you can pay by credit card and i don't remember if they have any fee but I don't think so.
    Thank you all for informtion.

    @jupiter6 - So you say no English..? That's too bad because while being there by myself I could think about a way to comunicate, then asking my friend not only to go to the store she doesn't know and buy the watch she can't recognize but also do this without possibility to communicate... That seems a little.. risky. But.. we'll see :)

    Any other store that you could recommend where this watch in Tokyo could be bought?

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    Re: Chino Watch Company?

    What can I write about Chino?

    An absolute gem. They are 'Sound as a Pound!'

    Chino was the cheapest price out of the three main guys, it was straight forward to order from their website (unlike others), and unbelievably SUPER fast delivery to the UK (Three days - Amazing)! I was really impressed with the over all service. I think by luck, I didn't get picked up by customs even though the packaging was marked accordingly.

    Would I do business with Chino again? Definitely.

    Thumbs up Chino :)

    Oh I forgot to mention I purchased the GW-5000 1JF. It's a wicked watch!
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