A group shot of vintage seikos
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Thread: A group shot of vintage seikos

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    A group shot of vintage seikos

    This weekend I decided it's a good time to take a group photo of my recent obsession -- vintage Seiko chronographs from the colorful 70s. These watches are high on the bang for the buck scale although I wish I had loaded up on them a few years earlier. They are perfectly wearable as daily wearers, even the rarer versions!

    Here's a quick list of the watches ordered by reference number. For extra points, I also added one thing I like about each of them.

    Seiko 6138-0020 Tokei Zara
    The bright blue 12-hour register sub-dial pops on the wrist.

    Seiko 6138-0030 Kakume
    Surprisingly huge for a vintage watch at 43mm, the beautifully brushed blue dial is paired with unique square sub-dials.

    Seiko 6138-8000 Baby Panda
    The double layered bezel. Okay, the bracelet not seen here is super cool too.

    Seiko 6138-8010
    It's difficult to see from this picture, but the blue dial is brushed in a way to bring that cassette tape pattern around the sub-dials.

    Seiko 6138-8020 Panda
    The panda color scheme still doesn't get old today.

    Seiko 6139-6002 Pogue (yellow)
    The gold color normally doesn't do it for me, but since this is a watch from the 70s, it's perfect.

    Seiko 6139-6005 (dark blue)
    The dial is actually a subtle blue/green that doesn't show its true color unless at a certain viewing angle.

    Seiko 6139-6012
    The essence of a 30-minute chronograph and nothing else.

    Seiko 6139-6020 Doctor Chronograph
    My oldest watch, from 1969!

    Seiko 6139-6030
    This Speed-Timer started this whole craziness for me.

    Seiko 6139-7011
    I like arabic numbers on watches and this is one of the rarer ones in this family of Seiko.

    Seiko 7016-8001
    Combo hour/minute chronograph registers in one sub-dial.

    Seiko 7018-7000 (gray)
    Seiko 7018-7000 (white)
    Classic Seiko design, with flyback.
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    Re: A group shot of vintage seikos

    Nice collection.
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    Re: A group shot of vintage seikos

    Very nice collection covering all the bases with 70's Seiko's chronos.

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    Re: A group shot of vintage seikos

    Lovely collection. Congratulations!
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    Re: A group shot of vintage seikos

    Superb sir.

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    Re: A group shot of vintage seikos

    What an awesom collection! Some great pieces in there. I've never seen the 7016 models before, will have to keep an eye out now, love the red highlight subdial, thanks for enabling 😂

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    Re: A group shot of vintage seikos

    Great collection! Really nice photo too.
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    Re: A group shot of vintage seikos

    Awesome collection. Killer pic

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