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Monster vs lum tec m57

Thread: Monster vs lum tec m57

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  1. 50missioncap said:

    Monster vs lum tec m57

    Name:  ImageUploadedByTapatalk1356198964.603352.jpg
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Size:  124.2 KBName:  ImageUploadedByTapatalk1356199229.971530.jpg
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Size:  34.4 KBI'm thinking of selling my monster and saving for the lum tec m57... Any thoughts? I've already got a 007 that gets most of my wrist time. I really like the bell and Ross looks of this.... Particularly since I will never pay 2g's for a watch...
  2. ZASKAR36's Avatar

    ZASKAR36 said:

    Re: Monster vs lum tec m57

    I've got an M41 and it is completely badazz. As for your question whether or not to use the monster as a sacrificial lamb...that is a tough one to answer.

    If it was me I would just keep the monster and just save. If you're lucky you might get $100 or little more for your monster (if its an SKX), which wont get you too close to the $500 to $550 you'll need to get the M51.

    Plus they are 2 very different watches that would fill out your collection nicely
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  3. furrotik's Avatar

    furrotik said:

    Re: Monster vs lum tec m57

    I don't have much expertise on this; but I wanna say your monster looks awesome! That band looks great!

    Quote Originally Posted by 50missioncap View Post
    Name:  ImageUploadedByTapatalk1356198964.603352.jpg
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  4. Laso1's Avatar

    Laso1 said:

    Re: Monster vs lum tec m57

    I agree with ZASKAR36, you won't get enough for the Monster to make a big difference. Save a little longer and keep that Monster, it is a great watch for any collection. Either way please post pics when you get the new LUM-TEC.
  5. MikeAB's Avatar

    MikeAB said:

    Re: Monster vs lum tec m57

    Keep the Monster and look to pick up the Lum-Tec on secondary market used. I had a Lum-tec M18 and it is a nice watch (very similar in look to the M57) but traded it away.
  6. Memphis1's Avatar

    Memphis1 said:

    Monster vs lum tec m57

    I had the M47. Pretty cool looking with the vintage lume. Not too bright though. Because the PVD is matte it looks really nice. I would keep the 007 though and save up.
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  7. LeeMorgan's Avatar

    LeeMorgan said:

    Re: Monster vs lum tec m57

    I'd buy a dial and hands from Harold and PVD your actual Monster if you like black watch
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  8. mpalmer's Avatar

    mpalmer said:

    Re: Monster vs lum tec m57

    I guess if this is your only watch, this is a tough question and it just comes down to how much you like the Lum Tec. However, not owning either, I can tell you I would wear the Monster if I owned it, but would likely not wear the Lum Tec. The Monster is an iconic affordable. It might just be Seiko's most well known watch, despite having amazing midrange offerings in the SARB and high end offerings in the Grand Seiko Seiko and Spring Drive. If I were you I would not sacrifice the Monster because it is a Monster. Because of that, I think it is cool, even if the Lum Tec costs more. Personally, if it were me, I think it would take something more sexy to get me to move the Monster. Maybe a Hamilton or Tag or something. But not a Lum Tec. I'm going to end up talking myself into buying one if I keep typing so I better stop. I am looking forward to seeing those second generation Monsters hit amazon or the like at reasonable prices, this is likely when I will buckle.
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  9. drickster's Avatar

    drickster said:

    Monster vs lum tec m57

    I've got a monster and an M40 Vintage. They are dramatically different watches. I would recommend keeping the monster and saving a little longer like others have suggested.

    Here's a lume comp of the vintage lume. That orange lume will be nowhere as bright.

    . (Stowa on the left BTW)

    Not entirely sure what I'm collecting anymore....


  10. baserock love said:

    Re: Monster vs lum tec m57

    It's cool looking but christ, i can't fathom paying that much for a quartz watch. I'd just keep the monster.

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