Thread: Need help identifing my Citizens Eco Drive

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    Need help identifing my Citizens Eco Drive

    I got this watch back in 2002 after my first deployment, I have misplaced everything that came with it, and cannot find anything on the Internet. The numbers on the back are GN-4W-UL
    0855-H10350 TA

    I'm guessing its probably nothing special since I can't find anything out about it.

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    Re: Need help identifing my Citizens Eco Drive

    Just because it isn't popular on the forums doesn't mean it isn't special. In truth there is a lot more good stuff out there the forums would lead you to believe.

    So you have a Promaster which is Citizens sport line. It has a monocoque case which means the case only opens through the crystal and not the back. Nice engraved case back too. Finally you have a caliber 0855 and a link to the manual is below.

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