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Official MM300 thread?

Thread: Official MM300 thread?

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  1. danigramm's Avatar

    danigramm said:

    Re: Official MM300 thread?
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  2. mtbluger's Avatar

    mtbluger said:

    Re: Official MM300 thread?

    Looks good Jeep. Reminds me of the Chronisimo in a way.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jeep99dad View Post
    I like it on leather too.

  3. Raza's Avatar

    Raza said:

    Re: Official MM300 thread?

    Seems like this is the best place to ask. I see some places quoting the MM300 as 44mm and some as 42mm. Which one is it (without crown)? Also, what's the lug to lug? And, since I'm asking silly questions, does anyone want to trade it straight up for my Sumo?
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  4. instant's Avatar

    instant said:

    Re: Official MM300 thread?

    44mm is case diameter, 42mm is bezel diameter. Lug to lug is - if I correctly remember - 51mm. Answer to your silly question is NO :)
  5. Jeep99dad's Avatar

    Jeep99dad said:

    Re: Official MM300 thread?

    it wears smaller than the Sumo IMHO
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  6. instant's Avatar

    instant said:

    Re: Official MM300 thread?

    ..seen sand blasted MM300 - what a barbarism done to this brilliant watch! I mean - the result does not look bad at all, but original one is way better.

    here is mine - I am sure this is the Seiko I will never sell:
    Attached Images
  7. Eric L.'s Avatar

    Eric L. said:

    Re: Official MM300 thread?

    After drooling over this watch for years now, I finally took the plunge and picked one up from Katsu-san.

    I've owned hundreds of divers, and the MM300 is simply superb - a great addition to my Seiko collection. These automatic Marinemasters are easily equal to anything else other watch companies put out, at any price, in my opinion.

    Lots of dive watches.
  8. Dex_Ter said:

    Re: Official MM300 thread?

    Happy to see the many proud owners of the MM300.
    Question is, what's next?
    i doubt that I will spend on the GS 200m diver(although i m 100% certain that it is one heck of a diver).
  9. ryben's Avatar

    ryben said:

    Re: Official MM300 thread?

    One day... but for now, subscribing will have to do.
  10. picklepossy's Avatar

    picklepossy said:
    Spring Drive would be my next BIG purchase. Will wait for now.
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