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    Re: Post your mods here =>

    nice pick..mine will arrive soon with AR coated saphire... :=)
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    Re: Post your mods here =>

    That's one thing I regret not getting done. I wonder if its pretty hard to do it myself later down the line.

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    Re: Post your mods here =>

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    "Let's go vintage racing"
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    Re: Post your mods here =>

    This is my first mod, as taken from a phone camera.

    It began life as a SNKE 53. I put a Yobokies dial and hands onto it. I bought the "53" version of the SNKE line because it was one of the few to have a white on black date wheel. I really like it's very simple, highly legible presentation. I can read it in low light while half asleep and without my glasses on, which is a test indeed.

    I undertook this mod as a way to see if I had an aptitude for working with tiny tools on tinier parts - and the jury's out on that one. If you look close, you'll see a scratch on the minute hand and...well, the absence of a second hand. The basic tool kit I got didn't include hand pulling/setting tools and I made a bit of a hash of the minute. I have held off installing the second hand to reflect on what I've done and to get the right tool.

    I do sort of like it without the second hand, though.

    I've also been trying it out with several bands: Nato, Zulu, leather and a Bund to go with the bracelet. Incidentally, this is an Orient bracelet on the Seiko in the photo; the Seiko bracelet it came with was rattly and cheap looking. I think I like the Zulu in olive best so far, but the chestnut leather strap is much dressier looking.

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    Re: Post your mods here =>

    Pseudo-Ruhla RN Combat Divers with MK II dial an hands

    PRS 50 NLE, 14, 17-C, 18A
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    Re: Post your mods here =>

    Quote Originally Posted by ncmoto View Post

    Damn! Dude. Who did those mods. They look fantastic!
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    I'll play...

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    Re: Post your mods here =>

    SKX007 fitted with SKXA53 dail. SRP031 hands, with extra seconds hand from a monster. Black day and date wheel.

    Fitted on a presidential bracelet:

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    Re: Post your mods here =>

    My Poor Man Marine Master on 6309-7040 case.

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    My "007 Oceans" mod - parts from yobokies and mwcc. Work by mwcc.


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