Seiko "President" braclet and SKX031K?

Thread: Seiko "President" braclet and SKX031K?

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    Seiko "President" braclet and SKX031K?

    Hi does anyone know if the Seiko "President" braclet would fit a Seiko SKX031K okay? Also, where can I buy one in the UK, the only place I've found so far is this US site:


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    Re: Seiko "President" braclet and SKX031K?

    I just ordered the President bracelet from Chronograph yesterday for my SKX009.

    A search of the forum ( ) revealed someone else had your question!

    I am very interested by the Seiko SKX031 but I don't like the bracelets proposed with this model.
    Would it be possible to get it with an other bracelet on it ? I would prefer to pay the difference than to pay for an other bracelet.

    The bracelet I am interested in is the Seiko model 22mm-3308-ZI-P

    Thank you"

    And the response:

    "This bracelet was meant for the SKX007 case size which has a thicker case height at the lugs when compaired to the SKX031. It may require a small modification to fit the endpiece.

    Kindly email us at for order details.

    Thank you

    Ww Lee "
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    Re: Seiko "President" braclet and SKX031K?

    I'm guessing - note guessing - that you have two options: (1) see if you can bend the preseident endpieces to fit with a pair of needlenose pliers, or (2) see if the centre link on the president will fit an existing SKX031 endpiece - which takes, from memory, something like a 9mm centre link.

    My SKX031 is on leather, which works out fine for me:

    SKX031 on Divestraps stitchless leather.

    Personally, I think the SKX173 looks absolutely stunning on a president, but that's a larger, more expensive watch.

    Please post a picture when you get the '031 on a president.
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    Re: Seiko "President" braclet and SKX031K?

    Put on a Super Oyster from William they look great. Remember they don't use fat springbars, so get the original Super Oyster not the new version. I have mine on one and love it.

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    Re: Seiko "President" braclet and SKX031K?

    I had a 031 on the President bracelet and the fit was OK. The issue I had was that the bracelet is designed for fat spring bars and the 031 can't take them. Caused it to rattle a bit but I solved this by using the outer tube from the fat spring bar and slide a 031 spring bar thru it. Good luck.

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