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Thread: Seiko Transocean... Sales dud??

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    Re: Seiko Transocean... Sales dud??

    So listing the issues:

    1. The integrated bracelet. This is a big turn-off for me, especially since Seiko aren't offering a rubber alternative.
    2. The price, considering the movement inside. This one surprises me, because IMO the movement is just part of the watch, and I've seen watches (Panerai) that cost thousands while featuring workhorse movements. Sure, the TO is Seiko's most expensive 6R15 diver, but it's still in the same ballpark as the other offerings. I have zero problem with this choice as the 6R15 has served me well and offered reasonable accuracy in the 3 Sumos I've owned.
    3. The existence of the Sumo at half the price and the MM300 that can be found used at close to the same price. That's a huge problem because those two have huge followings.
    4. The design, but this is subjective and many people didn't like the Sumo when it was released, but it became a hit.
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    Re: Seiko Transocean... Sales dud??

    ^ Yes, the positioning / price point is a big problem. It's unambiguously meant to be a 'dressy diver' (I hate the term, but it's A Thing) and as a result finds itself neither one thing nor the other.

    I think it might end up as a cultish curiosity in Seiko's back catalogue, but I can't see it becoming a darling by any stretch of the imagination. Most Seikos that achieve WIS adulation have something - usually a winning combination of distinctive design combined with value (for example, I give you the OM and Alpinist), or brutish engineering excellence (MM300 / Tunas).

    This, again, has none of those things.
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    Re: Seiko Transocean... Sales dud??

    I really like the Transocean line, especially the chrono, with the 8r48, sapphire, ceramic. But I don't like the integrated bracelet.

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    Re: Seiko Transocean... Sales dud??

    It's just... Meh. The bezel is ugly and the hands are uninspired. The case is weird. I don't get it.

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    Re: Seiko Transocean... Sales dud??

    Quote Originally Posted by valuewatchguy View Post
    The aquis has a universally aclaimed bracelet vs Seikos generally underwhelming bracelets even on pieces like the MM300.

    Aquis has 100m more WR. Oris offers choice of rubber or bracelet. Most people prefer the 28,800 movement of the Selitta vs the low beat 6R15 if given the choice. Expensive 3rd party leather strap options are available for the Aquis. Seiko timekeeping has been historically erratic....seems like luck of the draw. Selitta/ETA is much more consistent. Ceramic bezel vs ceramic insert will not be considered appreciably different except by Seiko WIS nerds.

    I wouldnt pay $1000 for either one. But at $800 or less i would pick the Transocean....the blue gradiant dial version to be specific.

    Transocean pricing is starting to come down. I'll be watching.

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    Pictures indicate a very nice bracelet and clasp by Seiko standards. Part of the appeal for me. In the $900 range now and I am watching carefully as well.

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    Re: Seiko Transocean... Sales dud??

    Price is most concerned part of it, especially when it is "6R15 inside".
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    Re: Seiko Transocean... Sales dud??

    I like it a lot.

    If I didn't already have a more formal dive watch (Sumo) and one with the 6R15 (uh, Sumo) I'd definitely consider it. But if I were to get into the $1000 range, I'd consider continuing to save up for a more classic diver instead. Spending another $1000 on a watch that can be considered a competitor to one I already have (again, the Sumo) instead of something really different is a waste of money. For me.

    I have several Seikos and they are all different

    A 7A38 Chronograph
    A 6R15 Sumo
    A 5M85 Kinetic GMT Diver
    A 7S26 SKX009
    A V175 Solar Chronograph Diver
    An 8223 Quartz (my high school graduation watch; just a quartz with day/date)
    A 7T32 Quartz Alarm Chronograph (I actually don't like but why get rid of it when it takes up so little room?)

    So, while this one is very appealing, it's not different enough from the Sumo, SUN and SKX for me to entertain that price.

    The SARY055 I bought my Dad for Christmas is something I'd get first (a 4R36 and sort of looks like a poor man's Grand Seiko) but I'm more interested in saving my money for a real Grand Seiko.

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    Re: Seiko Transocean... Sales dud??

    6r15 is a movement that should not be inside a watch costing more than $300US IMHO.

    This thread needs pics

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    Seiko Transocean... Sales dud??

    Never even bothered to ask trying it on.
    Too big too much and that integrated thing is a N. O and the hands are too skinny

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    Re: Seiko Transocean... Sales dud??

    In my opinion, the Transocean lacks character, is way over priced and the integrated bracelet doesn't help it. Personally, I'd wear a Monster or Turtle over it any day. I wouldn't buy the Transocean if it was $200.

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