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Thread: Seiko Transocean... Sales dud??

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    Re: Seiko Transocean... Sales dud??

    Ok I understand, it does seem that the Samurai was a part of the aesthetic design inspiration, hacking is certainly a great feature, does the Transocean have good scratch resistance?

    Quote Originally Posted by EugV12 View Post
    The Samurai was an iconic diver, sure, but it was also scratch-prone, lacked hacking and couldn't be wound manually. Transocean line has ceramic bezels and anti-scratch coating. Of course, I can only speak for the Spring Drive models :)


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    Re: Seiko Transocean... Sales dud??

    The Spring Drive version does, so far.

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    Re: Seiko Transocean... Sales dud??

    The Spring drive version looks OK (don't really dig the mix of finishes on the case) but the base model is hideous. The pseudo-shroud from the lugs; no. Integrated bracelet; no. The bezel numerals; no. Big no all around. For my $1k I'm looking elsewhere.

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    Re: Seiko Transocean... Sales dud??

    I think it's a good looking watch. The integrated lugs allow for a shorter lug which should help fit the average wrist better. I am not sure why anyone would want to put a big watch like this on leather but to each his/her own. There are some higher end watches with eta movements at 4K+ so I don't think a bump in price is a such a big deal.

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    Re: Seiko Transocean... Sales dud??

    Quote Originally Posted by DarthVedder View Post
    In theory, it has everything we have always asked from a Seiko diver:

    Clear Seiko DNA
    DNA so clear that it makes Steinhart blush.
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    Re: Seiko Transocean... Sales dud??

    I sold my MM300 and after this I bough a blue transocean. Why? Mm330 is very tall watch, I felt this very heavy on my wrist. The SBDC047 is much more comfortable to wear.

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    Re: Seiko Transocean... Sales dud??

    Design wise, I think the Transocean looks great. I like the dial, the date hidden between 4 & 5 so you don't lose a lume marker and keep the symmetry, the case shape and the integrated bracelet. In fact the integrated bracelet simplifies things a lot - saves wondering would it look good on this Nato, that rubber, etc. Turns it into an "is what it is, deal with it" watch!

    There are 3 things I'm not mad about - the price, I would like it less expensive. The size - it's just too big for me, I wish there was a 40mm version. The length of the minute hand - a common complaint of mine. I wish they'd extend the minute hand closer to the chapter ring on more Seiko watches (among others).

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    Re: Seiko Transocean... Sales dud??

    Quote Originally Posted by valuewatchguy View Post
    The aquis has a universally aclaimed bracelet vs Seikos generally underwhelming bracelets even on pieces like the MM300.

    Aquis has 100m more WR. Oris offers choice of rubber or bracelet. Most people prefer the 28,800 movement of the Selitta vs the low beat 6R15 if given the choice. Expensive 3rd party leather strap options are available for the Aquis. Seiko timekeeping has been historically erratic....seems like luck of the draw. Selitta/ETA is much more consistent. Ceramic bezel vs ceramic insert will not be considered appreciably different except by Seiko WIS nerds.

    I wouldnt pay $1000 for either one. But at $800 or less i would pick the Transocean....the blue gradiant dial version to be specific.

    Transocean pricing is starting to come down. I'll be watching.

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    I just checked the current lowest price and it's still around $1,000. I might give it a try if it were cheaper than the Shogun.

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    価格.com - セイコー プロスペックスのメンズ腕時計 人気売れ筋ランキング
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    Re: Seiko Transocean... Sales dud??

    Quote Originally Posted by hiro1963 View Post
    I just checked the current lowest price and it's still around $1,000. I might give it a try if it were cheaper than the Shogun.

    Sort by "Most Popular"

    価格.com - セイコー プロスペックスのメンズ腕時計 人気売れ筋ランキング
    EBay has a couple of them closer to $900 us Andover Christmas one seller had a blue one listed at $800. Prices will drop off

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    Re: Seiko Transocean... Sales dud??

    That's really interesting to see what Japanese people are buying.

    The Trans Ocean has a lot of nice features that would make it worth the money for me, and I don't mind the 6R15 in the standard version.

    But I can't get past those lugs. The problem isn't that I can't use a strap which I seldom do. I get along with most bracelets just fine and prefer them over straps.

    It's the shape of the lugs. I guess I'm too traditional. I have the same problem with the Oris Aquis.

    Also, I think even with the integrated bracelet design, it would be too big for me. I won't buy a watch over 50mm lug to lug.

    Could somebody please post the lug to lug length of the 6R15 model? It won't change my mind, and I think it's probably over 50mm. I just think every watch should have that measurement published somewhere.

    It really bothers me when somebody does a long, informative, thoughtful, in-depth review of a watch accompanied by beautiful photographs and doesn't say what the lug to lug height is (but usually they list every other measurement).

    I found the dimensions of the chrono version (SBEC003) Measurements: 46,5mm x 53mm (lug lug) x 16mm.

    Seiya lists the 6R15 (SBDC047) as 45.5mm diameter.

    You'd think somebody as clued-in as Seiya would put the lug to lug height of all the watches on their web site.
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