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Thread: Show off your SKX007/009s!

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    Re: Show off your SKX007/009s!

    Quote Originally Posted by RaoulDuke View Post
    i just received my 007.
    i'm in shock.
    i can't believe that i paid just $150 for this watch.
    promptly swapped the stock rubber for a nato and i'm completely in love.
    no intention of wearing my SMP, or anything else, anytime soon.
    pics soon.

    I know right!

    my 007 has quickly been gaining more & more wrist time, surpasing a couple of my "higher end" pieces
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    Re: Show off your SKX007/009s!

    You should never get a 6309 then! :)
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    Re: Show off your SKX007/009s!

    Quote Originally Posted by marin View Post
    You should never get a 6309 then! :)
    i've actually been researching/hunting for a 6309 prior to the 007 bug, however its a lot easier to source the later.

    i'm already eyeballing a 009 and still want a 6309

    what is wrong with me.

    one thing i just thought of:

    i know the difference between J and K models has been brought up many times, but is the date wheel the same in both?
    mine has the eng/spanish but im thinking i'd spring for a J market if it had a kanji wheel.
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    Re: Show off your SKX007/009s!

    Had three 007's pass thru my hands and for some reason I couldn't just be content with got this 009 and think I'm finally there.

    Thanks Marc at's a forum sponsor on WUS and has a current promo going on not just for Seiko's but more. So if you have your eyes set on the SKX007/009's I think you should check his site. For the difference of a Starbucks coffee compared to Ebay, I got peace of mind knowing that in the unlikelihood that something was wrong with my timepiece, shipping and customer service would be that much more easier.
    After all the questions and my special request, I received my watch today. And what a nice surprise it was.
    You don't get this kind of professional shipping and included Seiko packaging, manual, insert, and tag for the price difference of a Starbucks coffee on ebay.
    Excluding the watch, customer service was above and beyond what was expected and together is worth more than the $149.99 I had spent.
    Big thanks to Marc and Long Island Watch.

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    Re: Show off your SKX007/009s!

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    Re: Show off your SKX007/009s!

    "Others haven't a clue what time it is or where it goes or even where the clock is."
    - Laurie Anderson -

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    Re: Show off your SKX007/009s!

    Quote Originally Posted by Ryan Alden View Post
    That is a great pic!! I didnt know if I wanted my 007 on a rubber diver strap or the jubilee type. That pic seals the deal. I want the Jubilee now! Beautiful piece!
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    Re: Show off your SKX007/009s!

    Instant love the second I put it on.

    SKX009 with a Serket bracelet

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    Re: Show off your SKX007/009s!

    That's a great picture (the lume shot). I love that you can see the texture of the lume! Usually doesn't show up in lume shots.

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    Re: Show off your SKX007/009s!

    3rd 007. I think this ones a keeper. Now I just need a 009

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