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    Quote Originally Posted by greene-r74 View Post
    I hate 5 ring natos. I recently received one in a trade. And I don't know if people are aware of this or not, but you can cut the stupid tail part off with the extra rings in it and it makes a perfectly awesome 3 ring nato.

    I did this once (I'd accidentally ordered a 5 ring instead of a 3 ring and thought it would be easier to send back than return it) but when I cut the end and sealed it with a lighter I found that it ended up hard and scratchy against my skin. It was pretty much unwearable, is there a tip for getting a nice smooth clean finish on the cut and seal?

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    Re: Tip Thread

    Don't seal it. :) the stitches will keep it from unraveling.

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    I've never seen it mentioned before, but here's something that worked for me: I was moddimg my SKX007, and if you've ever changed a bezel insert, you know how hard it can be, to get through the factory rubber cement. I don't have a heat gun, so I put the bezel in boiling water for a couple of minutes.

    Loosened the glue up, and I didn't have to use a thin bladed knife.


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    Re: Tip Thread

    I did my first bezel insert swap on my most recent turtle 777. I had never taken off a Seiko bezel before. Reading the tutorials made it seem easy but when I tried to get any blade to get the bezel up it simply would not budge. I was using so much force that my fingers were getting sore trying to get between the case and the bezel. I got frustrated and tried prying which scrached the case and irritated me even more since the bezel still did not come up. I finally made a gap and got the bezel off and replaced the insert but after getting it back on it would not turn. I learned that there is a gasket inside the bezel that had come unseated and was keeping the bezel from turning. During that particular project I had to take off and remove the bezel about 5 or 6 times to get it right. I realized to easily get the bezel off is to put your thin blade in the gap and use the small watchmakers hammer to tap the blade in. Once the blade is in just work your way around and the bezel comes right off. This is effortless and if I had known this technique to start I never would have scratched the case by prying or gotten deep sore pressure groves in my thumb. A small amount of silicone grease really smoothed the action on the bezel also.

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