Water resistant 50m, meaning?

Thread: Water resistant 50m, meaning?

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    Water resistant 50m, meaning?

    When a watch is rated 50m water resistant, does this mean you can wear it while you shower, or go for a swim in the ocean (no diving/snorkling, simply swimming).

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    Re: Water resistant 50m, meaning?

    I usually don't go by water resistance rating. I don't get a watch wet unless it has a screw down crown. Without a screw down crown, all you have are the gaskets to keep water out. If those gaskets are old, they may not keep the water out.

    Just my take on it.


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    VERY generally speaking

    a watch rated 50M is ok in the shower, hand washing, pool splashing etc. What I have gatehred from reading several articles is that it is not recomended for a watch with that rating to be submerged for a prolonged amount of time. I have worn my BC3 in the pool (I am not a professional swimmer, just a splash and play) as well as shower etc and have never had an issue-----------best of luck

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