Sorry I haven't posted in what seems forever but I have been in the hospital.

My other half bought me a new watch about 7 months ago. Within a week the exhibition back fell off and it was not keeping time whatsoever. I was told that I needed to send in a copy of the invoice, a detailed description of the problem and $15. They then told me that the average repair time is 90 days. I then broke my ankle and elbow leaving me in a wheelchair for the last 6 months.

I got home the other day and was going through my watch collection of Invicta, Rolex, Breitling, Puljot, Vostok, Alpha and others when I stumbled upon the Akribos. This reminded me that I could RMA it for repair. This time, I was told that I needed to pay $40, describe the problem again and that the repair averaged at least 90 days. I feel the price of $40 was extremely high for a $50 watch. This watch is less than 1 year old, I contacted them before the warranty was over and this does not matter.

I have had to send in Invicta watches and even with their notoriously bad service this is much worse in my opinion - at least with Invicta I would get my watch back in lesser time, with the only cost being shipping while it is under warranty. Hell, I have even gotten better service from Chinese manufacturers that were under warranty. This is amazing to me.

A BIG thumbs down to Akribos. If you are considering buying their watches I would have 2nd and 3rd thoughts. If you are still thinking that you want to get their watch after that, I think that a "hug-me" jacket and padded cell is in order for you.