Hi All! New here! I bought my very first "nice" watch a couple weeks ago. The Alpina Startimer Pilot Automstic Chronograph AL-725n4s6 and I really like it. It came with a brown leather strap that I wanted to switch out with a stainless bracelet to make more versatile. So I found one on eBay - the seller said it comes off his Alpina AL-860b4s6b. I got the bracelet yesterday and tried to install it but couldn't. My question is does anyone know if the bracelet should even be compatible? Have the lugs changed at all on the alpina startimer pilot chronographs through the years? I'm curious if I couldn't install it because I don't know how to do it and it's tricky or because the bracelet isn't even compatible to begin with on my watch. The interesting thing is when I put the solid end piece on the watch it doesn't seem to be the right length for the lug - it is shorter than the lug. Not sure if that's expected or if that means it's not compatible. Thanks for your help!