Citizen Ecozilla Adapters and bracelet WTB

Thread: Citizen Ecozilla Adapters and bracelet WTB

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    Citizen Ecozilla Adapters and bracelet WTB

    WTB a stainless steel curved lug 24mm bracelet and Suppa adapters for my new Ecozilla. I'm not interested in titanium. Suppa's website is currently sold out on their adapters. If anyone knows somewhere I can purchase them or can recommend a website for a stainless steel bracelet, your knowledge is much appreciated!!

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    Re: Citizen Ecozilla Adapters and bracelet WTB

    Myself I have always used the Suppa adapters but if Ralf is out of them then your options are somewhat limited. Have you checked the sales sales subforums on the multiple watch forums? Another place to look would be the Bay. I have seen other brands of adapters and used Suppas sold there but have never bought one. Good Luck with your hunt.

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    Re: Citizen Ecozilla Adapters and bracelet WTB

    I've bought a few sets for auto Zilla's that were described as Titanium! only to find out they were in fact stainless steel with a "titanium finish" point is I think they are all stainless so with some patience you could always sand them down and remove the sand blasted effect it's simple to do just takes a little patience with a very fine wet N dry paper.

    Bracelet if brushed SS? the worlds your Oyster, nicest one I have seen is the Benarus / Stevral? combo but that's brushed Ti, and the Staib SS mesh is a wicked look too, of course subjective to personal taste, as to the end link CURVED? that might limit you a little bit for those types of adapters.
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    Re: Citizen Ecozilla Adapters and bracelet WTB

    I can suggest yourbandstand on ebay, the stainless steel version has shorter lugs so there's no gap between strap and watch case and the L2L goes from the 58mm of the original adapters to a more wearable and better looking 54mm.
    Just one suggestion, don't tighten the screwbars too much, or you'll ruin the threads, use weak loctite instead.
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