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General rule of thumb with most things is if you have to use excessive FORCE to make it work/fit then you should re evaluate what you are doing and make adjustments to accommodate...................Spring pins? if they're super tight to get in a strap hole then next time buy a smaller gauged spring pin or as some probably have done is slightly ream the strap hole, the other thing with a super tight fit is when you move the strap up and down, taking it off and putting it back on again that in turn moves the body of the pin which could make it weaker eventually, personally with spring pins I like a loose not flapping around but you know what I mean where the pin just goes through without any force at all, that way the strap can have some ease of movement without affecting the pin.
Yeah, I hear you. LOL Unfortunately, nobody mentioned anything about getting smaller spring bar pins. And I guess I figured that whomever sold me the strap and provided spring bars would send me ones that fit properly. But what do I know? lol (rhetorical question) It's all about the learning process and laughing while you're doing it.