NATO Strap Co straps -- threads poking out

Thread: NATO Strap Co straps -- threads poking out

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    NATO Strap Co straps -- threads poking out

    So I purchased a NATO from NATO Strap Co and I think I might have gotten one that slipped by their QC. Basically there are some nylon threads in the inside of the strap that are slightly too long and they are pricking my wrist whenever I wear it. I emailed customer service to inquire about an exchange but they said the threads are part of the manufacturing process and therefore exchanging it may have
    the same result. Instead they suggested taking a nail file to smooth out the thread.

    Have any of you had this happen, either in terms of the customer service response or the strap itself? I've ordered straps from other online vendors and if I've ever had a problem (well, only once) they just sent me a replacement strap right away no questions asked.

    I haven't tried the nail filing thing but am a little apprehensive as the NATO Strap Co website clearly states that all straps need to be unworn and in new condition. If I scratch up the stamp trying to file down the thread but it doesn't work, then I'll have a strap I can't return.

    Looking for advice. Thanks!

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    Re: NATO Strap Co straps -- threads poking out

    I've had this happen with some straps before. I usually just use some nail clippers to snip off the problematic threads.
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    Re: NATO Strap Co straps -- threads poking out

    I use a lighter and then run my thumb over it when the wax is still soft. No problems afterwards. Yeah it sucks
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