I recently replaced my Pebble Time with a Garmin Vivoactive 3, which unfortunately means I can no longer use my old Maratac Nato single-piece watch strap, as it would cover the heartrate sensor. I'm trying to find a quality two-piece Nato strap to replace it with, but I have fairly specific wants for it.

I'm looking for a good-quality black two-piece nylon strap with brushed stainless steel Nato (not Zulu) hardware.

I tried out BlueShark's offering, but I was not impressed with the quality. The strap was thick, stiff, and too short to loop back through, and the point where it connected to the buckle was poorly glued and folded in such a way that it dug into my wrist. I now know that I prefer the thinner bands such as those made by Maratac. Unfortunately, Maratac only makes this with Zulu hardware on it. I've ordered one of those, but I'd really prefer the slimmer Nato hardware. Clockwork Synergy makes it with polished stainless hardware, which I could maybe settle for (especially if I took some sandpaper to it) but that's out of stock. Are there any reputable companies which carry what I'm looking for?