Question for Everest watch strap owners

Thread: Question for Everest watch strap owners

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    Question for Everest watch strap owners


    Just received my first Everest band and have a question for folks who own these. The strap fits nicely, snug and flush on my sub but I notice a little up and down play when I move my wrist (like up towards the bezel and down towards the wrist)
    Is this normal? I'm using spring bars from Everest.

    Thanks so much for the input.


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    Re: Question for Everest watch strap owners

    I can't quite picture what you're describing. Maybe some pictures would help explain? Everests have always fit perfectly for me.

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    Re: Question for Everest watch strap owners

    I have model EH5 in blue to match a two tone blue Rolex sub. I was assured by customer service at Everest that it would also fit my 16760 GMT Master. Well, it does fit the GMT Master but not the submariner which it was purchased for. I've contacted Everest and was told to send them pictures of the watch and strap. I sent them pictures and told them it was a 1991 model sub. They looked at the pictures and said I have the wrong spring bars (original Rolex bars from the watch). They sent me spring bars for a no holes Rolex case. After another go around they sent correct spring bars but the strap still will not fit. It seems just ever so slightly too big. Ernest has not offered any further help in the matter. I'll be going with Rubber B for my next rubber strap.

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