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    SARB017 Strapcode Jubilee

    I have to say, they really got this right.

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    Someone commented that the sub clasp might look out of place with this combination. I elected to go that route nonetheless. I wish I had gotten the basic clasp because it does look a little sporty for this bracelet. Oh well, it is a very minor gripe. If anyone with the basic clasp has a desire for the sub, pm me and we can work a swap.

    All in all though, I think it suits the watch very well.

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    Re: SARB017 Strapcode Jubilee

    Nice, I have tried the bracelet from my 033 (oyster style) but this might be the ticket. Thanks for posting the pics.
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    Re: SARB017 Strapcode Jubilee

    Yes, looks good. Maybe slightly worse than the original one. But it's almost twice cheaper.

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    Re: SARB017 Strapcode Jubilee

    Picked up one from Strapcode for my SEIKO SRPA21 and it's a real upgrade for $79.

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    Re: SARB017 Strapcode Jubilee

    I agree that the clasp is a little out of place there. Otherwise, it's really a sharp combination.

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