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    Seiko SKX013 diver annoyance

    Looking for a bit of help, please. Apologies if this brings to your attention something that is now going to bother you, too…

    I’m generally not a strap swapper, but the minute I bought my SKX013 it I got rid of the the hard, overlong rubber strap and the watch is currently on a canvas/leather band.

    However, the strap isn’t thick enough at the lug ends to fill the depth of the lugs, i.e. the top of the strap doesn’t sit flush with the top of the lugs. Not even close.

    The depth of the lugs is 4mm. The canvas/leather band is supposed to be 4mm thick; clearly it isn’t. Many of the alternatives I’ve found online are thicker through the length of the band, but not at the lugs.

    Does anybody know of a supplier who provides ‘thickness at lug’ measurements? Or has anybody bought a strap for their SKX013 that doesn't have this problem? Happy to buy plain leather rather than canvas/leather if that’s the way to get a band that fits properly.

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    Re: Seiko SKX013 diver annoyance

    Generally, the position of the lug holes makes a bigger difference than the strap thickness for changing that fit. I thought an aftermarket firm was doing a few rubber straps made specifically for some of the Seiko's but don't remember the name.

    I don't know how you want to use your watch or what look you're after, but I've found that a thin NATO does a good job of filling the gap between the strap and case, as well as, the area you are describing. If you don't think that will work, a leather NATO/Zulu will definitely add bulk around the lugs.

    As to a supplier that gives the lug area measurements, the only ones I've noticed are for curved-end/fitted straps, and these only work well if the lug holes match up.

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    Re: Seiko SKX013 diver annoyance

    Thanks – yes, the lug holes are set fairly low on the lugs. I was hoping to find a two-piece strap since the watch is already the chunkiest in my collection and doesn't want to sit any higher off the wrist, but I can pinch a decent NATO or Zulu off a friend to see how it fits.

    The maker of the perfect-fit rubber straps for Seiko divers is Crafter Blue, if that happens to be helpful to anybody.

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    Re: Seiko SKX013 diver annoyance

    I'm in agreement with you.
    I have thick leather straps that look odd the way they fit so low between the lugs.

    High-end dress watches with curved ends have a piece of plastic in them that the leather is molded around to give the correct fit to the case, height to the lugs and downward curve.

    I cannibalized a $3 watch just to get the plastic strap off of it to see if a "well fit" strap would make a difference.
    Honestly, I love how it works on the wrist (though it looks terrible).
    The watch stays exactly where I like it,
    the gaps are all filled,
    and it rises above the lugs.

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    I've asked about solutions for this "annoyance" here on WUS and posted this pic to illustrate:

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    Since the lug holes are so low on the lugs, a solution is to drill another set of holes in a higher position.
    I haven't seen a SKX013 with this done...
    Oak & Oscar do it to their watches so that all different kinds of straps can be used.

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