The Sinn U1/U2 strap has become very popular for use on watches other than Sinn. This has opened up a secondary market for the strap among those of us who want to mount it on another watch.

So, for those who may be interested in purchasing one of these, what does a "virgin" uncut strap look like?

It is 22mm wide, about 90mm long and has a possible 8 positions for the buckle attachment like this:

If the strap you are considering for purchase does not look like this, with seven metal pins and a buckle spring bar, then it has been cut to a shorter length.

The uncut strap (90 mm / side), with large deployant (about 45mm) should be long enough for about a 10" wrist, so there is plenty of rubber to play with. But be cautious, once cut, you can't make it longer again.