Strap Review: Kvarnsjo Vintage Black Safari
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Thread: Strap Review: Kvarnsjo Vintage Black Safari

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    Strap Review: Kvarnsjo Vintage Black Safari

    Just got this in yesterday and thought I'd write a quick review with some pictures. I've got it on the Unimatic U1-A for now, which I think is a great pairing. Strap can be purchased for $19.95 here.

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    The strap measures ~80mm/120mm and is 22mm, tapering to 20mm at the clasp end. For my 7in wrist, it fits perfectly when adjusted to the 3rd smallest hole. The strap has a pebbled grain on both sides and is quite soft to the touch. However, some more discerning strap connoisseurs may think it errs on the side of rubbery.

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    The clasp on this is adequate, but nothing special--certainly not top of the line, but not too flimsy either. The stitching is a simple white thread, with stitches at the lug ends and a V stitch on clasp end of the long strap piece. Further, the sides are fully sealed. One thing of note is the not-great finishing on the leather fold-overs on the lug ends. You can see what I mean in the picture below. The leather seems to be simply glued in place, rather than glued AND stitched, or just fully stitched. This seems to suggest that the stitching may be solely cosmetic, rather than functional.

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    All that being said, I am really enjoying this strap. It's only been one day, but it looks great on the Unimatic and will likely stay there for a few rotations. I have another, cheaper strap from CNS and I have yet to have issues with it, so I imagine this--marketed as a nicer strap--will do even better. Cheers!

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    Re: Strap Review: Kvarnsjo Vintage Black Safari

    Looks good. I have their suede straps and wouldn't recommend them: too thin and too flimsy. Their rally straps however are really good. I don't know what a kvarnsjo leather is, they feel like they're made of cork, but they're excellent for the money. Their kvarnsjo padded is also really good. The buckles are crap imo but one can get infinitely better ones in the bay for $1 a pop.

    I almost always get 4 at once (fifth one is effectively free) or wait for the seasonal 30% discounts.

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