Hi guys, well i recently got my hands on a lovely Speedmaster.
(which we all know were put on gods green earth to motivate strap makers! )
However once i'd put it on my timegrapher i realised it was running like a rusty mangle so with a heavy heart off it went for service.


The days have turned to nights and back to days again.

My collection has a gaping hole where my Speedy once sat and it's becoming obvious that subconsciously it's seriously starting to get to me.

Because after just one week i'm now staring at these......

Name:  strap tang re re.jpg
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If this isn't a sure sign im jonesing from my missing Speedy and anticipating it's return i don't know what is.

Excuse the buckles, i'm fresh out and my supply just can't keep up with my current production rate.

Anyone else put a little something together for their Speedies? A few pics might help ease the pain.
Or just make me worse but either way, help a brother out and let me see em together, united in harmony. For the sake of my awl pronged fingers.