The Rubber Hits The Road

After seven months of development, Techné is proud to unveil their Tropic strap, made in nitrile rubber.

Inspired by a design from the 1960's, the new Techné Tropic strap is made with nitrile rubber. Silicone is normally used for moulding polymer straps but it is not resistant to petroleum, which it can be exposed to in the field of aviation. In comparison, Nitrile rubber is impervious to petroleum and offers superior tear and abrasion resistance when maintained around body temperature.

Nitrile rubber is the same material used for making medical gloves, and the Techné strap is moulded with a nice criss-cross texture that includes air vents for breathability and quick drying.

About Techné

The word techné comes from the Ancient Greek τέχνη, which translates to craftsmanship or craft, "the rational method involved in producing an object through art".
Since 2009, Techné Instruments has been designing and assembling affordable and dependable ISO-certified timepieces designed for professionals and horological enthusiasts. Techné watches are worn by personnel of the United States Special Operations Command, and the brand popularity reaches forums and style-savvy blogs across 4 continents.

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