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    Re: Unusual leather straps

    Quote Originally Posted by Pallet Spoon View Post
    I had Jeanna at Stone Creek Straps make me an Elephant ...

    ... also have a Nicaraguan Iguana from Eric at Hamilton Leatherworks that gets a few looks from people ...

    This is amazing.... I like it too much!!! :)

    Thanks for sharing, I will contact "Hamilton Leatherworks", as I want the same LoL ;)
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    Re: Unusual leather straps

    Quote Originally Posted by JJHACK1 View Post
    As Anyone interested has seen I'm in the safari business. My job title in this role is " Professional Hunter". It is a bit of a Misnomer as I'm not the one typically doing the hunting. Rather the one responsible for the visitors that come her to hunt with camera or rifle. It's a photo tourism and hunting operation. However, I'm not the stereotypical shoot em up slaughter everything in sight person that many relate to being a hunter. I'm actually a wildlife manager with a degree that assists in the population control of the parks and private reserves to manage wildlife. I use the hunting aspect of this to balance the populations and to pay the salaries of the staff needed to operate a massive game park operation. With that said, there are the occasional animals that are sick, dangerous, or simply just too many of one species. As an example, we have trouble with poachers frequently. They pull down the phone lines and use the wire for snares. On occasion, an elephant will be snared by the trunk. When this happens they will fight the wire until it tightens and cuts the end of the trunk off. At that point the Elephant is dead. It will take days to die because they cannot eat or drink without the end of the trunk functionally intact. These must be put down. There are countless examples of these kinds of injuries or sickness to control so the spread of sickness does not infect the greater population.

    So when you see these watch straps understand they were not from animals shot senselessly, but rather for a need that was undeniable and urgent. I find it a horrible waste to let these skins and ivory lay to waste when there is value in the parts to help pay for the operations here. Anti-poaching employees are not free and work at incredible risk.

    The top photo is a strap made from Elephant skin, the second one down is from Rhino. They are quite nice and fit the watch 22mm lugs perfectly. I do need to find a Bronze buckle to replace that stainless buckle. The Keeper on the rhino strap is made from elephant. I am having another set made now that will be 24mm as I hope to secure a Bronze Orca H2O when they are offered this month.

    And, in case you're wondering, I do not use these on the shark cage dives. I only use them out of the water. I use the original Rubber strap in the cage, and for all my diving.

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    Great post Jim, I am speechless by your Rhino strap, it is really a "BEAST" as I like it+++ :)

    Congrats for your beautiful straps!!! Northing better for your bronze Helson ;)

    Just a small question: I am a big diver fashion details maniac perfectionist LoL, also for rare hide / skin I always think / prefer that it is better to show a maximum of hide / skin: may I know why you have made some many holes? 1, 2 or 3 holes max would had been perfect to my eyes :) Do not take it wrongly your straps are wonderful, I like the thick stitching too (nicely matching with the elephant / rhino hides by the way: well done man) and real handmade work is very nice :)



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    Re: Unusual leather straps

    Range of adjustment is better for me with a wetsuit sleeve. I agree that in time when I make a strap that will never see the ocean I may have them made with just a couple/ three holes. I also prefer them closer together as well. Over time the holes stretch and the weather makes your wrist bigger or smaller by fractions of a mm. I will cut the space in half and use less for land only straps.

    One other thing that happens is having them used on different manufacturers watches which do not all size exactly the same and require different size or spaced holes.

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