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Thread: what happened to C&B ?

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    Re: what happened to C&B ?

    Quote Originally Posted by pspagano2099 View Post
    I just bought one of their suede Black Label straps and the quality is definitely worth $85. It's like a Hodinkee strap for half the price. The lining is soft and comfortable and the suede is fantastic. I don't know what OP is talking about but from straps I've purchased before to the Black Label ones, it seems like C&B is getting better.

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    I also have one of their suede straps, and feel it was good value. It's very comfortable and looks great. I would definitely consider buying another Black Label strap in the future.

    Also have a few of their Premium NATO straps. I'm happy with those too, but not 100% convinced that it was worth it over cheaper NATO options.
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    Re: what happened to C&B ?

    Quote Originally Posted by jose-CostaRica View Post
    Crown&Buckle... At the beginning I used to be a fan of their quality leather straps featuring interesting leather colors, finishes and variety of styles at affordable prices. That is why I bought around 6 of their straps, being the FLIEGER strap with 2 metal rivets one of the best straps I've ever bought... absolute quality!

    It's been years since they made the FLIEGER strap for the last time and I have noticed how they are trying to get into the "high end" strap market with their "black label" and "american made" labels which offering is not exciting at all but prices are very high. Also they started to produce a bunch of NATO straps and forgot about innovation.

    I still visit their webpage from time to time hoping to see something changed but sadly my visits last only few seconds while I confirm everything looks exactly the same since years.
    What watch is this? Very nice.

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    Re: what happened to C&B ?

    Quote Originally Posted by axegrynder View Post
    What watch is this? Very nice.
    Thank you!

    Its a Moscow Classic brand, model Sturmovik

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