Worn & Wound ADPT Strap

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    Worn & Wound ADPT Strap

    Thoughts on these? Pictures look pretty good and I like buying American made when I can.


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    Re: Worn & Wound ADPT Strap

    Well, given the quality of Toxic Shiznit and PhenomeNATO's these don't impress me. Still the same bland/generic hardware it seems. Material looks nice enough but I don't understand where three years of development comes from. But I have ever held one so have no real educated insight. Interested in reading an actual A/B comparison. I don't care about country of origin, just the final product.

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    Re: Worn & Wound ADPT Strap

    Seems like a lot of breathless marketing for something that doesn’t look quite as nice as the existing luxury NATOs.

    Edit: my god, they’re 42USD.
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    Re: Worn & Wound ADPT Strap

    "Made in the USA" doesn't mean sh*t to me. Maybe its me being a non-American (living in the US) talking, or maybe that's just me being cheap (hint: it's the second one).

    They're not exactly offering anything that isn't offered elsewhere (like Haveston does) but good luck to them nonetheless.

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    Re: Worn & Wound ADPT Strap

    Price is a total turn-off.

    I'm willing to pay a little more (than $5-10) for higher quality Natos (hardware, weave, heat sealing, stitching etc.) ... but I can get that from other popular suppliers for the $15-25 price range.

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    Re: Worn & Wound ADPT Strap

    Came here looking for opinions to see if anyone has tried them. At $42 a pop, I'm not jumping in head first just to try it out - looks like I'm not alone on this.
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    Re: Worn & Wound ADPT Strap

    They are higher priced for nothing special style wise.

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