Rolex replica? How much worth?

Thread: Rolex replica? How much worth?

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    Rolex replica? How much worth?

    Hey, guys. I have this kind of watch. It seems to be a model of Yacht-Master. It looks almost like the Rolex Yacht-Master 16622 but the arrow of seconds is silver, not red. I don't understand about watches anything, so I have a question: how can I guess how much is it worth, what kind of model exactly this is and is it a bad replica or not..? The watches arrows shines green in dark, but not so well. Here are some photos. P.S. Sorry for my English and thank you for the answer
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    Can't give valuations on this forum, but it clearly looks like a cheap fake to me. Pretty much worth nothing.
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    Re: Rolex replica? How much worth?

    Definitely fake. It's worth nothing because it is illegal to sell replica watches even if they're disclosed as replicas because it violates trademark laws. We don't discuss them on WUS for the same reason. Thread closed.


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