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    Protrek Fakes Spotted!

    A general image search for Protrek watches yielded these ugly ducklings as related hits. Ugly enough to tell 'em apart, but still alarming that the fakers are moving to the Protrek territory, not just for G's. They are marketed as the "PRG-6000", a non-existent Casio model.

    Also can anyone explain what's "Day of Weer" means? LOL

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    Re: Protrek Fakes Spotted!

    Thanks for the heads up. The screens look unreadable.

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    Re: Protrek Fakes Spotted!

    I found out the hard way that one of the easiest ways to tell if a listing is selling a fake watch is to do a Google search of the model/movement number in the listing. For some reason the producers of the fakes never actually give an existing Casio model number for their stuff. It's usually the sellers on the Bay etc who claim that a fake is a certain original model, but if you look at the engravings on the caseback etc you will discover that the fakes do not feature an original Casio model or module number. This shows that there is a certain method and logic to the fakers' trade.

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    Re: Protrek Fakes Spotted!

    Ah you got these out of OLX. I live in Bahrain and this website is frequently used by locals. You can always find fakes there.

    BTW you should ask the seller what day of the weer means and just wait for an answer lol
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