Thread: Has anyone had issues with Prometheus shipping?

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    Has anyone had issues with Prometheus shipping?

    I received the email stating the new Ocean Diver was back in stock, I immediately ordered it!

    Today I get a phone call from FEDEX stating that the sender(prometheus) did not properly include the paperwork to ship a watch to US.

    FEDEX will not release the watch from their clearing department.

    Anyone else have this problem??

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    Re: Has anyone had issues with Prometheus shipping?

    I have one on order too. I hope its ships without problems.
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    Re: Has anyone had issues with Prometheus shipping?

    Quote Originally Posted by orip67 View Post
    FEDEX will not release the watch from their clearing department.

    Anyone else have this problem??
    Fedex need an appropriate commercial invoice, their clearing department will advise you on a workaround where you supply relevant purchase information, including details on the watch and they will submit it for clearance.
    Suggest contacting Fedex and offering to supply information (evidence of money price paid & stats on watch in question - easily obtainable off the website)
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    Re: Has anyone had issues with Prometheus shipping?

    In short, yes, I had this same problem when I ordered my OD many months ago.

    It's disappointing that Prometheus has not worked this problem out yet.

    Why is it Prometheus having such a hard time figuring this out? While I'm seriously considering an OD Chrono, stories like this make me hesitate.
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    Re: Has anyone had issues with Prometheus shipping?

    You guys are not aware there are time zone differences and I was sleeping? Got a desperate email from the OP at 12h08 am here asking me to sort it immediately ... Neither me or Fedex where working at that hour.

    To make it a start when we ship watches to US we do include ALL TIMES a document required by Fedex which is a watch work sheet form where a detailed value breakdown has to be made in terms of movement value, case, strap, origin of movement.

    However though we ship this document all times what Fedex does when doing the export procedures is fax the information to destination country (invoice + watch worksheet).

    However sometimes person at receiving location messes things up, looses it and or tries to win some time as they have got an SLA to comply for and put the paper work on backlog.

    Attached something many of you may not have seen so far, a sample of such a document used all times an export of watches to US is made.
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    Re: Has anyone had issues with Prometheus shipping?

    I ordered both the OD and then later the Chrono and got bought in a reasonable time with no FedEx hold.


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    Re: Has anyone had issues with Prometheus shipping?

    I got my OD in the US in less than 2 days from the time Carlos sent it. Fedex did call me however, to ask me questions about the watch before they could clear it through customs.
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    Re: Has anyone had issues with Prometheus shipping?


    Ordered the OD Chrono - with no shipping issues - also all emails were promply answered. I would buy again based on my experience. The same can not be said about two much larger companies that kept finding new ways to mess-up an order.


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    Re: Has anyone had issues with Prometheus shipping?

    I had the same issue, e-mailed Carlos and I received an IMMEDIATE reply, (he was up at that hour ) and he explained the same thing to me as he mentions above.

    It's a FedEx issue NOT a Prometheus issue. The "Watch Worksheet" is always enclosed. I have no idea why FedEx misses it....

    Anyway, Carlos sent me a copy of it and I faxed it to FedEx with a follow up phone call/voicemail, (the woman's name in Memphis is Amy Fox), and within a few hours, my watch was released and on it's way to me the next day.

    I wish I still had the contact info but if it's stuck in Memphis, get the Watch Worksheet PDF file, call FedEx for the phone and fax #, send the fax, follow it with a call and you should be fine.


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    Re: Has anyone had issues with Prometheus shipping?

    Of course, you can always avoid these hassles with FedEx and customs by purchasing your Prometheus from an authorized dealer in the US.

    Before you even order your watch, the AD will have taken care of all of the customs paperwork, paid the duties, etc., so your watch can be ready for immediate delivery to you.
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