Been trying to find information on this watch and only found one good review online. So, anybody here have this model and care to share their thoughts? Been on the hunt for a blue and just sold my Omega SMP blue - just wasn't growing on me. So, thought I would check out Tag. I already have an automatic (Sinn EZM3) so would like to go the quartz route. Looking for something with a little color and a bit more of a beater which is why I'm looking at quartz. Some questions:
1. I usually go for watches around 41mm to 42mm. Does this watch wear large or small? My wrist is a little over 7", so can get away with up to around 44mm to 45mm, but not interested in something huge on my wrist.
2. Does it wear pretty thin? Also not a big fan of thick watches. 12mm to 13mm is about my max. I like it to fit under a shirt cuff.
3. How does it compare with the Aquaracer? I realize the Aquaracer is 41mm, but is the size really that different?

Just on the fence between the two and trying to figure a direction.