CAP2112.BA0833 discontinued?

Thread: CAP2112.BA0833 discontinued?

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    CAP2112.BA0833 discontinued?

    I'm trying to buy TAG Heuer Men's CAP2112.BA0833 Aquaracer Chronograph. There are not any AD near by and I try to get it in the internet. The model appears on Tag website but I fail to find it available in any site. A few sites suggested that it might be discontinued. It is available in other colors (white/black), however I prefer the blue edition.
    Any idea if TAG discontinued the blue version?


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    Re: CAP2112.BA0833 discontinued?

    it is a current product. ADs will do sales over the phone, too.

    I just saw this watch in blue yesterday so it is available. PM me if you want details on where to find it.

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