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    Re: The Formula 1 Club

    Hey all,
    Anyone have a WAH1010 F1 (2011)? Is the lume on the hand meant to be green or white?

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    Re: The Formula 1 Club

    hi all took delivery of my F1 first Gen today, i like it alot.

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    Re: The Formula 1 Club

    I Had My Battery changed At An AD For About Five Bucks, And He gave It The Best Cleaning Its Had Since I Bought It New In 2008.

    Sorry About The Ridiculous Punctuation-Capitalization, I Think My Phone Hates Me.

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    Re: The Formula 1 Club


    I was only want to do window shopping when I came accross this local watch store.
    Turn out they also sell second hand watch and I can not believe my eyes when I saw that they have ca 1211-ro that I've been looking for quite sometimes.
    As they also sell other tag, I pretend that I was not interested with the watch and was looking for the other (just to avoid high introductory price if they see me too exited). At the end.. The watch has become mine for a really good price.
    The watch need to have the hands (hour + minute) changed though as the lume is already deteriorated and need to buy 1 or 2 additional link as the bracellet is too tight for me (changed to my f1 rubber for the time being)... but overall... really happy this purchase.. It accompany my classic f1 and f1 alarm.
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    Re: The Formula 1 Club

    Hi guys! I am a newbie here, can you help me verify if these watches are genuine or not thanks and more power! Here is the link:
    1. Tag Heuer Formula 1 Indy 500 Philippines - 6447329
    2. Tag Heuer Formula 1 Chronograph Philippines - 6677153
    thank you again! :)

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    The Formula 1 Club

    The WAH1010 lume is green but not very good. The WAH1011 has a white luminous dial with green lume which is much brighter.
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    Re: The Formula 1 Club

    F1 on zulu strap... not often seen combo, but it looks ok to me.

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    Re: The Formula 1 Club

    Can I join the club, please?

    Just bought this sweet timepiece after new year!
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    Re: The Formula 1 Club

    sweet indeed, bullyboy. You are very welcome.
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    Heuer :
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    Re: The Formula 1 Club

    Hello all
    Just joined and my first post. Hopefuuly i qualify to be apart of this exclusive thread.
    I have three F1's and not far from a fourth, the Kimi Limited Edition. My aim is to have at least one of each model, if possible of course.
    Anyway hope i van put the photos up.
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