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Thread: The SELLITA SW200 vs ETA 2824 thread

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    Re: The SELLITA SW200 vs ETA 2824 thread

    I want to jump in here. I own Bathys Hawaii and we've used both ETA movements and Sellita movements extensively. Hundreds of each. They are basically equal in every way. I would say the anti-shock on the ETA is better and the Sellita tend to have a better rate.
    This is literally a Ford vs Chevy thing.
    Or Coke vs Pepsi.
    Amsoil vs Mobil.
    Bridgestone vs. Michelin.
    Apple vs Windows.
    Army vs Navy vs Air Force vs Marines
    Bears vs Packers
    Collingwood vs Carlton
    quartz vs mechanical
    Ferrari vs Lamborghini
    and I could go on and on...

    However now ETA has restricted access to movements - and even spare parts have become very hard to get for ETA pieces. Watchmakers are freaking out.
    ETA, as part of the Swatch Group is unquestionably moving the "Swiss Made" automatic movement WAAY upscale as they start to see less men wearing watches in the future. When I go to Baselworld I can walk right into the booth of Selitta and make an appointment and meet with the President Mssr. Garcia and he is affable and helpful. Even getting an appointment with ETA at the Basel Fair when you're a small-time player like Bathys Hawaii is not possible. My Swiss partners can and do have meetings; but no one will take time to speak to me personally. That's fine. I eat a few chocolates, ogle their hired model/hostesses and I'm out.
    I look back at Ariel's initial post and he was spot on.
    Making automatic movements that WORK is hard stuff. I give props to both ETA and Sellita as they both do great work. The ETA 2892-2 we used in the Benthic Pro Diver is sweet - no doubt! This is simply a business decision by Swatch Group - nothing more.
    As we wean off of the ETA teat, please have some kindness for Sellita - I know them personally and they have the 'average watch lover's' interest at heart. I support them fully and I hope the WUS community will too. I'm not trying to make it a good guy/bad guy thing - I think most Swatch brands will move more upscale (except Hamilton) - and Sellita will step in and largely take up production for the non-Swatch group brands. Just different strokes for different blokes.

    (I note that back in 2010 when this thread began the word here was that is was <<seulement ebauche>>, but it was around that time that those of us in the industry heard it was going to be movements as well - which is what it has become now. C'est la vie.)
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    Re: The SELLITA SW200 vs ETA 2824 thread

    Good info, Bathys.

    what I dont understand is that when I pick up a magazine and see "new" brands (or on TZ where Jorge lists new watch brands), some of these new brands are using ETA/Valjoux movements.

    Why is it that established brands are being forced out yet new brands have access? Is this because the new brands had orders for a few years back and locked in orders?

    In a matter of a few years, the shakeup will sort itself out. I assume Sellita will pick up as much slack as possible but the Japanese movement brands will have many more clients at their doors.

    In closing, I think many people will begin to buy watches with Japanese movements, realizing "hey, these arent so bad afterall" and because the cost of swiss made movements will continue to skyrocket and make some watches unaffordable to many.
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    Re: The SELLITA SW200 vs ETA 2824 thread

    Just wanted to chime in and congratulate everyone on making this thread easier to find in a search by including various misspellings of "Sellita".


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    Re: The SELLITA SW200 vs ETA 2824 thread

    China always comes up when a tried and true, fan-worthy brand with a following like ETA has true competition whose product is every bit as good, if not better (certainly quieter) than they are. Being that Sellita supplies ETA and always has, then that means ETA is every bit as Chinese as Sellita. More fact than fiction though is, neither one is Chinese and the ETA faithful just throws China into the mix because they have nothing else in the way of facts to convince you that ETA is superior to Sellita. Again though, if one is then the other is in this case, so the China connection against Sellita doesn't hold any weight. ETA, Soprod, and Sellita all have production facilities in Switzerland... that's a fact, and the only one that has any merit to me. So, any other speculation that any of these companies produce their movements (or even a certain amount of their parts) anywhere else is just that... speculation. Nothing more.
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    Re: The SELLITA SW200 vs ETA 2824 thread

    I don't think ETA cares what people think... like The Phone Company before the antitrust breakup (in the US), they are a monopoly (for Swatch companies) and they don't have to care. Their market is captive. They are a cost center, not a company.

    ... and therein lies the seed of their probable decline.
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    "Forever is composed of nows." - Emily Dickinson

    "The watch has to be surrounded by a history.
    You need more than just a great design. You need to create an atmosphere around the product.
    Who is the company behind it? Why are they using this material?
    People need to be able to identify the watch with themselves. It's based on emotion." - Ralph Furter

    ...that's just my opinion and I've been wrong before and will be again and might be now!

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    Re: The SELLITA SW200 vs ETA 2824 thread

    So the Eterna Kon Tiki's using this....any breakdowns or issues known..? This is a few years past the OP.

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    Re: The SELLITA SW200 vs ETA 2824 thread

    I saw an article from last year that tested the Sellita SW200 against the ETA 2824-2. The Sellitta was more accurate in every position, easily qualifying for chronometer status. The hair spring in the SW200 is thinner.

    I'm sure there are a number of watch snobs that will continue to prefer the ETA movement because of it's history an association with Omega, but the Sellita is objectively as good or better.

    Clone Wars: Sellita SW200 Vs. ETA 2824 | Watch Flipr - Expert Wristwatch Blog

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    Re: The SELLITA SW200 vs ETA 2824 thread

    (I can't quite come to terms with the reasoning people are using to associate Sellita with... China. Is it a complete misunderstanding of geography? Is it some sort of insecurity or trauma?)

    Anyway: I'm in no position to know what happens to Chinese copies of relatively famous watches that are seized by customs in a country that has a proud history (the name escapes me). I'm also in no position to know how many of those watches aren't destroyed or sent back to China. I've no idea how many end up in the private collections of civil servants and how many of those civil servants open up the watches and examine what's inside to get a feel for the quality of the copy.

    I therefore cannot know that the actual Chinese copies of Sellita SW200 exceed in quality the actual Chinese copies of the ETA 2824-2 routinely.

    Could the quality of fakes correlate directly to the quality of the originals? I don't know. Anything.

    For what it's worth I don't see much difference between an brand selecting an ETA or a Sellita -- or a Seiko.

    In this I'm in good company; TAG see little difference also from what history has shown.

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    Re: The SELLITA SW200 vs ETA 2824 thread

    Question is, how to know which movement is in the watch?


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    Re: The SELLITA SW200 vs ETA 2824 thread

    Quote Originally Posted by khaled_ View Post
    Question is, how to know which movement is in the watch?

    If it has a display back, look at the stamping under the balance wheel. The interlocking-L Sellita logo and the caliber number will appear there, or the ETA shield logo and their caliber number. I recently added a Movado Museum Watch to my collection, and that was was originally supplied with an ETA 2892. The the one I bought had an SW300, which I was able to confirm with a 10x loupe and five seconds of getting the light to shine into the movement usefully.

    But the SW300 also has a differently shaped rotor and a smaller rotor bearing track, so now that I know what it looks like, it's recognizable at a glance just the same as the 2892.

    Rick "who'd still like to see a real tear-down test of the SW300, to see where Sellita put those extra four jewels if nothing else" Denney
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