Tag Heuer 02T worth To buy ?

Thread: Tag Heuer 02T worth To buy ?

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    Tag Heuer 02T worth To buy ?

    hi, just dropping by here, im really interested with the new Tag Heuer Carrera Calibre 02 tourbillon,
    i never thought that i want a tourby, but since the heuer 02T is so "reasonably" priced, now i'm really thinking to get one of them.
    i believe the MSRP is US$ 15000 for the non limited model, and US$ 20000 for the limited all black tourbillon.

    I'm not a watch expert, im just normal watch hobyist .
    i own several G-Shocks Gravity Masters , and Seikos Astron, i like their newer line up with techy GPS synchronised watches.
    i also have a Bell & Ross BR 01 watch, as the sheer size really attract me to it.
    and i'm quite a Panerai Addict, because i like big watches, as i have a big frame, so bigger watch makes me looked "slimmer"

    i dont know anything about Tag Heuer, i do own 1 Tag Heuer though, i remember i bought it when im still in high school,
    that time Tag Heuer Brand is very popular among youngsters, so i save my pocket money for a few years before i can get myself a 39mm Tag Heuer Professional 2000 series Quartz.
    i still have the piece today, but i seldom wears it because it's feel to small on my wrist.

    i tried to sell/ trade it away but the value is very low, so i think i better keep it as a collection.

    back to the subject, i have several questions for the watch aaffectionados here :

    -Why most pro watch affectionados "hated" Tag Heuer ? almost every single person that i know or met, that has branded collection of watches eg, rolex, AP, Panerai, etc bashes Tag Heuer, they say it's not worth to buy a Tag Heuer. To my knowledge , Tag Heuer do produced some exquisite expensive watches , like the Monaco v4, Monaco double tourby, etc.

    -Why Tag Heuer Resale Value is very bad compared to other luxury brand ?
    i mean, i know rolex is the king of resale value, but i sell and trade several of my Panerai before and i didn't lose much on them, infact some of them give me quite a profit.

    -will the resale value of the Tag Heuer Carrera Calibre 02T be bad as well ?
    i know that i can not buy a watch with intention to resale it for a profit in the future, but im quite hesitant if the watch that im going to purchase will drop it's value by more than 50% once i bought it.

    i was looking to get a new watch to add into my collection
    and 2 watches are on my mind right now,

    -Tag Heuer Carera Calibre 02 T Phantom, priced US$ 20.000 before discount (i don't know how much discount that the AD can normally give ? and i couldnt find one on sale on second hand market yet)


    -Panerai Pam 187 SubZilla a sheer 47mm stainless Steel , special edition Panerai Diver with nice patina indices . priced around US$ 13-15000 on second hand market.

    which one is a better buy ?
    i really like the Pam 187 , but the thought of having a "swiss" tourbillon really temp me to get the TAG.

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    Re: Tag Heuer 02T worth To buy ?

    Get the panerai. Tag heuers are known for losing their value substantially, no questions about it. Some tags are not too bad, like the Carrera flyback or Monaco but in general they are lost in money. And they are not doing anything about it to improve their value. I would go panerai

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    Re: Tag Heuer 02T worth To buy ?

    I agree. I'm a TH fan but these don't vibe with me.

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    Re: Tag Heuer 02T worth To buy ?

    Just from a brand/value preservation. Tag was going downhill for a while however, since Jean Biver has been in charge there has been a strong push and focus on the brand's heritage. So the brand is undergoing a revival and there is growing interest and pick up in prices especially in the vintage Heuers.
    Panerai on the other hand seems to have stagnated. So from a future upside perspective I would go Tag. I am with you in wanting to have an "afforable" swiss tourbillon.
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    Re: Tag Heuer 02T worth To buy ?

    It is the only affordable Turbillon in the market, it is a Tag, it is nice looking (maybe too dark), so: yes, I wold buy it because it is a piece of art.
    Panerai is getting quite "boring" IMHO.
    I am interested to see if someone else will follow the trend breaking the "unaffordable turbillon" rule.

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