TAG Heuer back on the McLaren!
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Thread: TAG Heuer back on the McLaren!

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    Calibre11 TAG Heuer TAG Heuer back on the McLaren!

    Hello TAG Heuer F1 Fans,

    Some of you already know, but the TAG Heuer logo is finally back on the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes car and driver's uniform.

    This is the first time the logo has been on the car, since the Senna days! McLaren and TAG Heuer have a very long partnership. The F1 watch came out because of the Marlboro Honda McLaren Team in the 80's. The MP4-28 is not too much different on the outside from the previous MP4-27, but is so on the inside!

    I'm looking forward to this 2013 Formula One Season! As always go McLaren!

    Here is some pictures of the car, borrowed from the internet.

    Name:  6732.jpg
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    Name:  dms1331ja74.jpg
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    Name:  mcla-butt-pere-2013-3.jpg
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    Name:  mp4-5b-mcla-senna-06-1990.jpg
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    Name:  image-3-for-artyon-senna-gallery-17509798.jpg
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    Re: TAG Heuer back on the McLaren!

    As a McLaren and Tag Heuer fan this makes me smile :)
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    Re: TAG Heuer back on the McLaren!

    Doesn't TAG still own part of the this team?
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    Re: TAG Heuer back on the McLaren!

    TAG owns about a fifth of McLaren, part of which is the F1 team.
    I can't work out if Ron Dennis still owns TAG (TAGHeuer) shares or not since the sale to LVMH.
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    Re: TAG Heuer back on the McLaren!

    Correct- TAG (not TAG Heuer) still own part of McLaren, but LVMH own 100% of TAG Heuer- Ron Dennis sold into the IPO in the late '90s (before LVMH bought the company).

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    Re: TAG Heuer back on the McLaren!

    Bout time, I always wondered why they were no where to be found on the car or the uniform.
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    Re: TAG Heuer back on the McLaren!

    Black logo on dark grey background? I couldn't even see it on the first photo....how do they expect to be seen at 200mph? Make that logo red and green like it's suppose to be!!
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    Re: TAG Heuer back on the McLaren!

    Current ownership of McLaren: Mumtalakat Holding Company(wholly owned by the Kingdom of Bahrain) currently holding 50%, and Ron Dennis and the TAG Group holding 25% each

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