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Thread: Tag Heuer carrera - old mens watch?

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    Re: Tag Heuer carrera - old mens watch?

    Lewis Hamilton is a brand ambassador and he was born in 1985.
    Nato, leather or bracelet? That's the only dilemma one should face each morning.

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    Contrast is everything. You'll be an elegant young man. But you have to feel that way, or it won't work ;)
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    Re: Tag Heuer carrera - old mens watch?

    is this a good time to use this:
    [mod edit.... it wasn't ]

    wait... that ain't quite right.
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    Re: Tag Heuer carrera - old mens watch?

    Thank you for all your opinions =) . I think ur right, it depends on your style etc. Im not the guy who wears cargo pants and hoodie, Im moore into blazers/shirts and now when I thought about it and reading your replys I think this watch will fit in very well with me :)

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    Re: Tag Heuer carrera - old mens watch?

    IMO, the Carrera is a very clean, youthful design.

    You're a luck duck.

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    Re: Tag Heuer carrera - old mens watch?

    I'd wear that beauty in a heartbeat, but then again I'm an old man, LOL!
    Actually at 49 I know a ton of folks would consider me still kid.
    Back to the watch, I think it looks great. My 26 year old son I'm sure would wear it as well.
    Quote Originally Posted by Leather View Post
    Hey, Im new member here

    My father is about to buy a new watch and he offered me to use his old watch which is a Tag heuer carrera twin time calibre 6 with the white dial.

    Why Im not so sure about wearing this watch is becuase it maybe is abit "old mens watch" ? Im just 20. I cant say I dont like it but Im still not sure....

    What do you think?
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    Re: Tag Heuer carrera - old mens watch?

    Well I certainly hope not as I just gave a Twin-Time Carrera to my stepson for his college graduation! He absolutely loves it and he's 22!

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    Quote Originally Posted by madezra View Post
    but honestly, when I think of old man watches, I think more of Rolex than of Tag.

    Ditto. Old men and new rich. Still nice watches though.
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    Re: Tag Heuer carrera - old mens watch?

    Aw No way! I'd wear the crap out of that beauty.
    Calm down.....It's just a watch....

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    Re: Tag Heuer carrera - old mens watch?

    Wear a blazer and some nice shoes and you're good to go. Not an "old mans" watch.
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