What Size is the Formula Watch Strap?

Thread: What Size is the Formula Watch Strap?

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    What Size is the Formula Watch Strap?

    I am looking to order a Di-Modell watch strap or something like it in black rubber or leather so I can wear the watch daily without worry about scratching the metal band so I can save that for special occasions, and was needing to know what size in width in MM that the watch strap was on the newest Tag Heuer Formula 1 and if I really needed the tool to remove the metal strap from the watch. I have the chronograph model if that makes a difference. Thanks so much guys and I can't wait to get the size and get me a new strap! Really wanna wear the watch!


    P.S.- Any other brands you would recommend? I am looking to spend not a whole lot more than $40 on one since it will be daily use and probably see some wear and tear. (But the face hopefully won't I pray)

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    Re: What Size is the Formula Watch Strap?

    The 2012 F1 range all have 20mm lug width.

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