Thread: 03-92 not winding eficiently?

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    03-92 not winding eficiently?

    I have noticed that my 03-92 seems to not run long if I'm not wearing it. I wind it everytime I put it on. I noticed that after wearing it all day saturday it stopped at 3 on sunday afternoon? I wrote bell and ross and they said to send it in. Is this a common problem? Will they charge me to fix it? I hope the shipping plus insurance isn't going to be expensive!

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    Re: 03-92 not winding eficiently?

    Have you wound it fully with the crown? That's 30 - 40 turns and how much wrist activity do you have. Do you sit at a computer
    all day? Power reserve from a full wind is about 38 - 42 hours.
    How long have you had the watch?
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    Re: 03-92 not winding eficiently?

    Are you pulling the crown out to the first position? When I first got my 01(a couple of weeks ago), I would unscrew the crown and start winding - it didn't do jack. Finally discovered (I read the **** manual ) that I had to unscrew the crown, pull it out one click, then wind.

    ....or maybe it was the opposite... LOL just did a double check..... unscrewing the crown, it "pops" out into first position, where it CAN be wound. Pulling it out one click then winding is the setting where it does nothing....
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