B&R Hydromax - changing straps and sizing
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Thread: B&R Hydromax - changing straps and sizing

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    B&R Hydromax - changing straps and sizing

    Recently, I purchased a Hydromax and was wondering if anyone could advise me on how to change the straps. The instruction booklet didnít mention the correct procedure for strap changes, but after looking at the tool, I think I have it figured out (you simply us the Ďpiní on the tool to compress the pin in the watch case and remove). However, this wasnít a cheap Fossil watch, and Iíd hate to screw up the process and have the watch fall off my wrist and get damaged. Also, when sizing the stainless steel bracelet, can any reputable store do it? I do not live near a B&R AD.

    Thanks ahead of time.

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    Re: B&R Hydromax - changing straps and sizing

    Go here and watch the video tutorial:

    YouTube - How to Change Straps on a Breitling or other Watch

    There are others. Do a search for "change a watch bracelet" and "change a watch strap" and "how to change a watch strap" to find more.

    You'll see the demonstrator being a bit awkward with the steel bracelet he's removing, but that's only because he didn't first release the spring bar from the clasp in order to get the bracelet out of his way. Still, you can do it as demo'd too. You'll need what's called a springbar tool.

    My advice to first-timers is to put some electrical tape on the underside of the strap/bracelet lugs to avoid the scratches which can occur on the lugs when the springbar tool slips on a momentarily uncooperative springbar.
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